Monday, June 10, 2013

Rider Training Camp Report Day 9

The following is the Day 9 report from the 2013 Roughrider Training Camp.


WR Kierrie Johnson (illness) day-to-day
DB Chip Vaughn (ankle) day-to-day
RB Stephfon Green (illness) day-to-day
WR Aaron Hargreaves (ankle) day-to-day
DB Eddie Russ (knee) day-to-day
OL Dominic Picard (illness) day-to-day
DL Hilee Taylor (calf) day-to-day
DL Will Davis (hamstring) day-to-day
LB Abraham Kromah (ankle) day-to-day
WR Phillip Livas (illness) day-to-day
WR Weston Dressler (abdomen) day-to-day
DL Mick Williams (ankle) day-to-day
LB Mike McCullough (bicep) week-to-week
OL Patrick Neufeld (leg) week-to-week
WR Mitch Thompson (ankle) week-to-week
FB Graeme Bell (hand) 9-game

During the no huddle team period, quarterback Drew Willy helped engineer a lengthy drive resulting in a touchdown when he found receiver Geroy Simon in the corner of the end zone.

“You can see from the first day of camp that everyone’s done a good job and we are looking pretty fluid right now.” Ricky Foley commenting on the play of the defensive line.

Players and coaches will hit the practice field for Day 10 of training camp with two practice sessions. The first practice will take place at 9:45AM at the Griffiths Stadium grass field, while the second will start at approximately 3:00PM in Griffiths Stadium.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we will know after Friday night just how fluid the defensive line really Is, let the games begin.