Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something For The #WHYQR Guys

If you haven’t seen it (go back a couple of posts), a group of local film-makers took to Regina streets lately to produce a video about the great things that this great city has to offer. They are asking you to go on Twitter under hashtag whyqr to give your reasons for Regina being so great. In no particular order, here are some sports reasons as to why this city is so great.

 There is no better place to be in Canada than Mosaic Stadium on game day

. Watching the Regina Red Sox while drinking a cold one on a warm summer night at Currie Field.

 The Luther Invitational Basketball Tournament

. Saying I was able to watch Jordan Eberle and Jon Ryan hone their crafts before becoming the stars they are.

The volunteer spirit that shines brightly whenever a major sporting event comes to our town.

 The Ken Goff boxing classic.

 Reading the stories of those that make our sporting community special whether they be pro or amateur from Rob Vanstone and his cronies at the Leader-Post which is the best sports section in Western Canada if not Canada.

 Cheering on the likes of Amber Holland and Mark McMorris and knowing they are from right here.

 The Sandra Schmirler Curling Classic

. Braving a 30 below night to watch the Pats.

 The Sportscage

 The Co-Operators Centre.

 The Centre for Kinesiology Health and Sport.

 Leibel Field.

 Making sure that the young athletes who have a chance at shining on a brighter stage and the coaches and others that help get them there get their 15 minutes of fame.

 I know I’ve certainly forgotten a few things, but you get my gist. There is no better sporting community in this country than right here in Regina. We shouldn’t need a video to get talk of that going should we?


name said...

Well said Mitch !

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Regina is that moose jaw is so close.

Regina Sucks!!!

moose jaw is the best.

Anonymous said...

Great list but how could you forget High Impact Wrestling. Don't you call it a "cultural phemonenon" or something like that.

Keith said...

I am shocked Mitch that you did not have the Milky Way ice cream stand at the top of your list.

Anonymous said...

Moose Jaw is the best? Oh, that's just a sad, sad statement from someone who has clearly never wandered far enough away to get any perspective on life.

Moose Jaw is like your little brother. Okay to have around once in a while, but he needs to go back home when the big kids show up.

Anonymous said...

Wascana Park. Oh yeah, and we are far enough away from Moose Jaw that we don't get the smell.