Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Thoughts

--Has everyone calmed down after the chaotic Game 4 between the Pats and Warriors? The Dyson Stevenson clipping call has certainly gotten many worked up including this blogger who thought the call made against the Pats forward was a BS one--especially when it happened. It happened and both sides have had their say so its time to move on and concentrate on Game 5. Are the Pats going to go away without Stevenson and possibly Brandon Underwood and Brandon Davidson or will they force a Game 6 back at the Brandt on Saturday? Moose Jaw has had problems knocking out teams the last couple of years and if they don't win Game 5, one might suggest it will be back to Mosaic Place for Game 7. While the Pats have been a resilient bunch all year long, I don't see them winning another game in Moose Jaw.

--I have no idea how the WHL hands out playoff assignments when it comes to the men in striped shirts. However, I will say that Nathan Wieler and Derek Montsion should not do another game in this year's playoffs after the embarassment they were responsible for in Game 4. The two men were terrible all night as they missed calls on both sides while calling some penalties that left me and others scratching our heads. The league needs better work at this time of year. It happens in the NHL when refs blow games come playoff time so I hope it happens here as well. 

--As I clawed my way out of the Brandt Centre after Game 4, I was reminded why I usually leave with about 5 minutes to play. It is a horror-show trying to get out of Evraz Place. I don't know what can be done to alleviate this, but patience runs thin amongst some. Then again, when it takes you 30 minutes to get out of the lot as it took me, I can understand the frustration. 

--Rumour has it the next playoff series on SHAW will be the Medicine Hat Tigers vs the Warriors should Moose Jaw hang on to win the series. That's too bad because I think the Brandon-Edmonton 2nd round matchup will be a tremendous one featuring two of the hottest teams in the league. 

--Crowds in Saskatoon for Games 3 and 4 of their series against Medicine Hat were 4800 and 4200 meaning they were what only a third full for the two games. This from a city looking for an NHL team. Yeah, OK. Support your junior team if you are serious about moving up the ladder. Jack Brodsky should be furious with that. 

--Canada's justice system has failed three times over the past two weeks. 

--Can we as Canadians live without the penny?

--NHL13 will have a fan vote to determine who is their coverboy next year. Jordan Eberle has tweeted people to vote for him. I concur!

--If the Edmonton Oilers knew Taylor Hall had a bad shoulder that needed surgery to repair, why has he been playing? I don't like that one bit being an Oilers fan.

 --Will Brian Burke be the Leafs GM next year?

-- Will Pierre McGuire be Montreal's GM?

 --The Blue Jays have only lost four times this spring. Are they going to be a contender? I think they might.

--Will the Cubs be a contender? Yes, until about mid-May. 

--With Will Ferrell telling us this week that Anchorman 2 will be made, I can only welcome the return of Ron Burgundy by giving you this.


 --The Calgary Flames now own the Stampeders. Does this mean the Stamps, like the Flames, will miss the playoffs year after year. Is Jarome Iginla going to be Jon Cornish's back-up? Will Jay Bouwmeester be a defensive back?

 --Blogger, the engine used to create this blog has gone through some changes. I'm not for them. It makes it a little tougher to do this on a day-to-day basis.

 --It does not look right to get to the corner of Albert and Dewdney heading East and look north to see an empty lot where the Bonanza once stood.

 --When will the Southland Mall do something with the empty store once used by Wal-Mart. How long has it been since the store closed its doors to move to Harbour Landing? That mall is dying.

--I don't know who is doing the releases for the Lingerie Football League, but I got one this week saying the league is ready to enter the Saskatchewan province and that media attending this weekend's tryouts should get their credentials early because of space. Ummmmmm, the tryouts will go in the same spot where the Riders have held practice and there has been plenty of space. I don't think the North American media will be converging on the Credit Union Eventplex Saturday night. If they are, go to the Pats-Warriors Game 6 if there is one first.

--If you are on Access Communications, go to 508 to get Global Regina in HD and 510 to get CTV Regina in HD. Why wouldn't Access inform their customers of this through an e-mail or something.

--Revving your engine is the same as getting a megaphone and screaming "I have a tiny penis!". Yes, I am talking to the punks that do this on a nightly basis on Albert Street. Don't hurt Daddy's car.


Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday it will be Edmonton Brandon if both teams won on shaw.

Anonymous said...

Good point on the Saskatoon crowds. They can't even fill half the building at the most important time of year. There are a lot of issues about Saskplace and people grumble but they can get out there for other things. The thoughts of the NHL here are a pipedream.

Terry in Stoon

Anonymous said...

The crying ends for the Pats tonight. Bank on it!


Anonymous said...

Not like the Oilers have made the playoffs anytime recently either.

Anonymous said...

Does any bosy know the crowds in Edmonton?

Since the Oliers have not made the play offs in years,years.......years.

I would think the Oil kings games should be pretty full.

Anonymous said...

If the Mark Stobbe and Myles Bell cases are two of the three in which the justice system has let you down, I agree 100 percent.

If you think its bad on Albert Street with kids revving their cars, go down Gordon Road between Albert and Harbour Landing. Brutal! People have been and people will get killed because of stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Mark Stobbe got off,cause he never did it!

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about going to a Pats game or anything at Brandt Centre is trying to get out when there is a big crowd. Not enough exits and too many idiots.

That being said, its way better than Saskatoon.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon needs to worry more about supporting the Blades than wondering about an NHL or CFL team. Did you see the Les mcPherson story in the LP today. Beautiful! It comes from one of their own too.

Anonymous said...

CBC Regina is on 506 too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mark Stobbe never did it. The killer rolled the hose up in the backyard. The killer was quiet enough as to not wake the sleeping giant as he watched a baseball game.

What a crock of crap!

The prosecution did a terrible job in this case. A killer is walking free ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

I guess regina can't support a CFL team because the Rams only get a few hundred fans.
Fred Norris