Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Double Overtime Thriller

Brayden Point has the Moose Jaw Warriors one game away from advancing to the 2nd round of the WHL playoffs. The recently turned 16 year old scored in double overtime as the Moose Jaw Warriors outlasted the Pats 5-4 in what was an absolute thriller at the Brandt Centre Tuesday night.

I give both teams a lot of credit for keeping up the pace in that one as it was back and forth hockey for most of the night. They both deserve every accolade that comes their way. As for referees Nathan Wieler and Brett Montsion, they should be lucky to call a Timbits game again this season after their effort. I am not going to sit here and tell you the Pats got screwed by the officiating in Game 4, but one call certainly changed the complexion of this game and arguably the series.

With just over seven minutes to play, a Warriors defenceman and Dyson Stevenson went into the corner to chase a loose puck. Stevenson hit the Moose Jaw player and the refs arm came up. I didn't know what the ref was going to call against Stevenson and I still don't know if I believe what he called. A five minute major for "clipping" was assessed. Clipping? Yes, clipping. In all the years I have watched hockey, I have never seen a clipping penalty called. I verified each and every SJHL gamesheet last year and at no time, did I ever see a clipping penalty. I don't think I even knew hockey had such a penalty. In a game in which the two teams were battling tooth and nail, I don't even think a penalty would have been warranted in that situation and before you Moose Jaw fans start crowing, I'd be just as harsh if this happened to one of your players as well. While I, and many others supporting both teams tried to figure out what had been called, Moose Jaw tied it up setting the stage for Point's heroics in the 5th period. I kept waiting in the overtime for a roughing the passer call to be made or an illegal skater downfield. I'm sorry, but that's a terrible call. Would Moose Jaw have scored to send the game into overtime? We will never know, but Regina fans will tell you this series could be easily tied at 2 going back to Mosaic Place and some Moose Jaw fans will say the same thing because they did say it on the way out.

The result leaves Moose Jaw with a 3-1 lead in the series. They can close it out Friday night on home ice. For the Pats, they can only hope to get one more home game in this series. If this was the last time that Pats fans see Jordan Weal in a home uniform, they can say that in his last game on Brandt Centre ice his team got a raw deal and for that they can thank Misters Wieler and Montsion for their poor, poor performance which was inconsistent and horrible for both sides yet magnified by the horrid and somewhat mystifying clipping call.

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BTW: If you listened to "Sportscage" before the game, who said it was going into double overtime?


Anonymous said...

These two idiots (Wieler and Montison) have no right officiating in the WHL. The so called clip never even phased the MJ player and he skated to the bench to change, without even knowing what had happened. Montison didn't have a clue. These two officials snatched the game away from the Pats on a real phantom call. Davidson was slashed so hard in the 1st OT period he may be out for game 5. They of course missed it. It's time for the Pats to have some questions answered to them by the league. This was as rotten as they come. Rod said on his blog he would have something to say about the goings on in a few years. It kind of reminds me of the same old crap that the WHL dealt out to us in every playoff year we've participated. There is crap in Head Office. Rod knows something.

Anonymous said...

Typical - Mitch, Rod, Phil, and Dumba. Whining, crying, and taking cheap shots at the refs. Do you honestly believe that the refs were sitting in the dressing room before, during, and after the game contemplating about how they should "screw" the home team? If you believe that Mitch, you should go back to Timbits hockey. The Pats have ample opportunity to score in OT and they didn't. Even if the clipping major was called a minor, MJ still scores on the PP and the game is tied and off to OT.

The players decided this game. Not the officials. And whiny announcers who take to the internet to spill their tears are just embarassing themselves.

Anonymous said...

I give the Pats a lot of credit. I thought after having their lunch taken from them in Games 2 and 3 and seeing Moose Jaw score first in Game 4 that it would be no contest. There is no doubt that call was a terrible one and the win gives Moose Jaw the series.

Pretty impressive when a 15 year old gets the winner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice call on the double OT Scruffster. Did you call a 15 year old winning it for the Warriors? Did you call what might have been the worst penalty I have ever seen in a playoff hockey game? If you did, buy some lotto tickets my friend.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me why officials never have to stand in front of a camera to defend themselves. If Marincin or McIlrath or whoever screws up, a camera is put in his face and he is asked to try and tell us what happened.

The clipping call was the turning point of the game yet we will never know why it was called or what the thought process was. Please tell me why this call was made and why you ignored the slash on Davidson that took him out of the game.

Clipping is a penalty I didn't even know existed and walking around the Dome, many others didn't either. What a travesty! Regina deserved better.


Anonymous said...

Beach gets a check to the head penalty and its a two minute minor. Shouldn't that have been 5 and a game? I could be wrong on that one but I thought any shots to the head were at least four minutes and not just two.

Great hockey game. In the end, I thought Moose Jaw was the better team and deserved the win but would they have gotten it had it not been for the Stevenson penalty. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Parker after the game? I was expecting to see him throw something out of his box. He has every right to be livid today.


Anonymous said...

So you said it was going into double overtime before the game. Big deal! Does that make you a somebody or something?


vince mcmahon said...

love how moose jaw can go 4 periods with out a single infraction. Must be the most skilled and sportsman like team ever to play hockey! I have seen better officiating in the WWE.

Anonymous said...

Underwood could barely get back to the bench after the winning goal. What happened? I know Davidson didn't come back after taking a wicked slash (one that went un-noticed) in overtime. This could mean no Underwood, no Davidson and no Stevenson for Game 5. Its over.

Anonymous said...

Regina sucks!!moose jaw is the best.Move the Riders and blow up Regina with all the scrum in in

Go moose jaw Go

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...poor officiating and the WHL...they go together like peaches and cream (Unfortunately)
Although I am no Pats fan, this is not the first time the zebras have ruined a game..and it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

"With all the scrum in in"

Just when you think the average Moose Javian couldn't get any stupider!

Anonymous said...

The next time you call a game to go to double overtime is when I stop the car and go home. Great game last night, but 7 AM came awfully early this morning.

Good talkin to ya last nite too. Hope I didn't take your attention away from that blonde.