Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My good friends Jamie Nye, Keith Colhoun and Dan O'Connor up in the Battlefords had a pretty good sleep last night thanks to Alex Burrows.

That goal prevented what I think would have been the biggest collapse in the history of professional sport as the Vancouver Canucks finally got rid of the Chicago Blackhawks with a heart-stopping 2-1 win in a Game 7 that won't be forgotten for a long, long time.

Jamie, Keith and many in the Press Box exploded when Burrows scored to send Vancouver into the 2nd round. I'm not sure, but I think there were a few people in there that may have run into the Albert Street traffic had Chicago scored.

While this game will be remembered for Burrows heroics and deservedly so, one has to salute Corey Crawford for the job he did in the Chicago cage. I told my table which also consisted of Global's Derek "Duke" Meyers that this game was going into overtime when Burrows missed his 3rd period penalty shot and I also told them that Chicago would score in the last five minutes because Roberto Luongo would not shut them out and that he would gas one. Correctamundo. Chicago never really had a great scoring chance in the overtime and if they had, they would have won it. I'm sorry Vancouver fans, but that guy is not the guy to take you to the finals and then some. Do I think they beat Nashville in Rd 2? Yup. Will they get past San Jose or Detroit--and I think it will be the Wings. Nope!

And as I watched the hoopla and the celebrations in Vancouver and inside the Press Box, I could only look at Derek, Jamie and Keith and say this. You are getting this excited over a number 1 seed beating a number 8 seed. CMON!!! Then again, every Canuck fan knows this team would have likely been blown up had Chicago scored and their dream is still alive.

--Long-time Vancouver fans, I ask you this. Was Burrows' goal the biggest goal in the history of the franchise. If its not, what is? I would think Pavel Bure's double (or was it triple) overtime goal in Game 7 against Calgary in the 94 playoffs would be right up there.

Just a couple of other thoughts from last nite's SC playoff games.

--I think its only deserving that Boston and Montreal are going seven. Can their Game 7 be anything close to what Vancouver and Chicago gave us. Aa a hockey fan, I hope so.

--I don't think the Milan Lucic on Jaroslav Spacek was that bad. Spacek needs sto take that hit like a man instead of turning away from it. The fact he came back to play means to me that Lucic should not be suspended for tonight's game.

--When the Canucks scored and CBC showed the Vancouver management box, where was Mike Gillis?

--Jim Hughson proved why he's the best in the game with his call last night. Both Hughie and Craig Simpson brought their "A" game to the table last night. Chris Cuthbert is the best in the biz because he is so good at both football and hockey, but Hughson might be just a tad better than Chris at hockey. Then again, Hughie doesn't have to deal with Pierre McGuire on most nights.

--In a Game 7, you gotta like goaltending to get you through. That being the case, I would have taken Ryan Miller against whoever Philly threw out there. Oops!!

--Game 7 winners tonight---Pittsburgh and Boston.
What has gotten into the Kootenay Ice. They made it 10 straight wins with a victory over Medicine Hat last night. They are one game away from the WHL final. Could the man with the best hockey name going today--"Steele Boomer" be off to the Memorial Cup?

NFL fans shouldn't get too excited over the judges decision to end the lockout. Its a win for the players, but by no means is the story over.

Can teams trade players going into the NFL draft for draft picks or not because of the current labour situation. I don't think they can. That will make the draft a little tedious if you ask me....then again, it is already when you stretch it out over three days.

When are Rider fans going to get it through their head that Andy Fantuz is not coming back and can't come back while the NFL lockout is on. I still have people asking me if he will be here for training camp. At this point, NO!

I'll be in the Cage with Rod today at 4 on CKRM. Talk to ya then!


Anonymous said...

To avoid any confusion...I was not cheering when the Canucks scored...In fact I was texting and missed it!! LOL. Great times last night. Wwe need to do that more often!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Vancouver fan and Luongo just scares me. He has a terrible time trying to control the puck. It amazes me that he is considered elite when he plays the way he does. Oh well, 12 more wins to go and I think they are over the emotional hump that was Chicago and that they can get to the finals. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I thought Chicago would win when Burrows missed the penalty shot. Like you, I didn't think Luongo should shut Chicago out and would gas it, but I thought it would be in the last minute with the Chicago net empty. Nashville beats them in 6. Their defence (Weber, Suter, etc,)will neutralize the sisters.

Ed said...

Thank you for pointing out that Spacek turned to make that hit bad. I though the officiating in the Canucks game was far far superior to the Bruins game........I mean come on and at least try and hide the fact the stripes were pulling for the habs last night. The Bruins should have won 1 -0 had they not had to battle two 7 on 3's( for the hab fans - 7 is the habs 5 plus 2 refs, thought i better explain that lol)

Anonymous said...

God bless Alex Burrows!
I agree with you on the Lucic hit too. Take it like a man Spacek! Don't turn away!

Anonymous said...

A Canucks collapse would not have been the biggest in pro sports. That would go to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS