Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tragic News From The Pats

Regina Pats GM Brent Parker tearfully announced this afternoon that defenceman Myles Bell was seriously injured in an auto accident last night just outside of Calgary. That accident also claimed the life of a young Regina girl. The extent of Bell's injuries are not known at this time, but Parker did say that its his thought Bell will be OK although his immediate hockey future is obviously up in the air.

Update: Here is the statement from the Pats on what has happened.

Regina Pats President/Governor, Brent Parker, “The purpose of calling you all here today is to inform you of a serious car accident involving a member of the Regina Pats….Myles Bell.

The accident took place early this morning in Calgary and I regret that not only has this accident left Myles in the hospital but has resulted in the death of a young lady from Regina.

At this point in time we do not know enough details to comment about the circumstances surrounding the accident and we will wait for the authorities to give us this information before we comment.

This is an incredibly difficult situation for me and our family as we are close with the young lady who died, as she was a close friend of our daughter. She was a beautiful young lady and she will be missed!

Chad and Russ are in Calgary and at the hospital with Myles and his family but we do not have a status report on the extent of Myles’ injuries at this time.

We ask that both families be shown some courtesy at this difficult time and that all media inquiries be directed through Chad or myself. We will update you again later today on Myles’ situation. The tragedy here is the loss of life and we will not lose sight of this but we will support Myles as a member of our organization as he deals with this situation.”


Anonymous said...

This is horrible news. Myles is a good kid and I pray for his health. My sympathies also go out to the friends and family of the dead girl.


Anonymous said...

A story on the CTV Calgary website says alchol was involved and charges are pending. That sounds very ominous.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol and speed with charges pending. This doesn't bode well at all. The kid was weeks away from getting drafted and now he could spend time behind bars. Was it worth not taking a cab? What a shame! One young life has been taken, another destroyed and several changed forever.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and condolences are with everyone involved in this terrible tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Let this serve as a sobering reminder for young people that think they are invincible. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!