Monday, April 25, 2011

Reality TV At Its Best

Its Easter break for my rugrats so that means a little sleep-in time before getting the week started. While it was finally nice outside this weekend, it was hard to tear one away from the TV because of the outstanding hockey we are being treated to and it was capped off with a doozy last nite as Chicago evens its series with the floundering Canucks in a game that even the best scriptwriter couldn't give us.

First off, I give Vsncouver coach Alain Vigneualt a tremendouns amount of credit for having the onions to pull Roberto Luongo from the net and give the start to Cory Schneider. That had to be no easy decision. However, to try and say that Luongo had a bad back didn't fly with anyone. If that was the best Vancouver could come up with to protect the fragile ego of its star goalie, it was weak at best.

The Canucks played much better than they did in Games 5 and 6---at least some of them did (yes I'm talking to you Henrik and Daniel, but the defending champs stayed right with them. Vancouver is forced to go back to Luongo after Schneider suffers some kind of injury on a penalty shot that ties the game and Vancouver then loses it in overtime 4-3.

The cockiness that some Vancouver fans had now is gone. Talk of sweep seems to be so distant and that cocky feeling has been replaced by one of despair. If you are Vigneault, do you go back to Schneider for Game 7 or do you put Luongo in. If you lose Game 7, will it spell the end of Bobby Loo's days in Vancouver? Will the team be blown up even though they finished the regular season as the top team overall? Vancouver is a better team on paper, but the game as you know isn't played on paper. Chicago has all the momentum going into Game 7. I'm thinking Tuesday's game even though it will be a late start will be the top rated game for CBC in these playoffs.

I wonder if the excitement of the NHL playoffs has even rubbed off on some Americans. This is the game the way it should be played in my mind. Yeah, I know efforts like what you've been seeing will be few and far between in December and January, but the same can be said of the NBA. Here's hoping NBC and the NHL really try to create a splash with this new 10 year deal signed last week. If the league can find a way to get Versus or whatever the name of the network will be into more American homes, it will be nothing but good news for hockey.

If the Jets return to Winnipeg, what will that do to the hockey we watch each winter. Sportsnet West will certainly have to split the pie in three so that we see the Oilers, Flames and whatever the Winnipeg team will be called. Will a Sportsnet Jets channel be created? Will Calgary and Edmonton fans get to see as much of their teams as they have in the past?

If Winnipeg does come back, I would think they would move into the Northwest Division with Colorado taking their spot in the Pacific.

I just got a TSN alert on my cell telling me Washington has beaten the Rangers to advance. I'm guessing someone forgot to hit send.

I hope Teemu Selanne never retires. He is such a treat to watch. His son recently took part in a WHL developmental camp. Teemu Junior (Eemil) will likely be playing for a WHL team very, very soon.

There's nothing like turning on that barbecue for the first time and enjoying that first barbecued steak of the season.

Let the hype for GSP-Shields in Toronto begin. You will see a lot of that on your TV as UFC makes its much anticipated arrival into T-O.

What's CBC going to do with election coverage when the SC playoffs are on. For that matter, when the hell did Jack Layton become popular? That's even the case in Quebec which makes me ask if the Bloc is a political factor anymore.

I have only received one piece of campaign literature since the election campaign started. That's a good thing I think. However, I have had several calls at very inopportune times. Do you hate those recorded messages as much as I do?

The La Ronge Ice Wolves fell one game short in their quest to get back to the RBC Cup in Camrose. La Ronge was beaten 4-0 by Portage in Game 7 of the ANAVET Cup final last night. Bob Beatty did a great job with that team as he led the squad to back to back SJHL titles. I don't know if he has the horses to complete the hat-trick---especially with Humboldt hosting the RBC next year, but he will try. I have heard Beatty's name come up in some WHL discussion. I imagine the transition isn't an easy one from Jr A to major junior but Bob certainly has the track record behind him if someone wants to give him a shot.

They are making an "Avengers" movie. Who is John Steed? Who is Emma Peel? I used to love the Avengers when they came on CBC years and years ago.

The NFL draft goes Thursday. Reading all the mock drafts, the Seahawks could be taking a number of players at 25. I'm hoping its a quarterback, but that's what I said last year. For what its worth, the Panthers are crazy if they take Cam Newton at number one. I think he is marginally better than Tim Tebow, but he certainly isn't deserving of the number one pick. If the Panthers want a quarterback, I would suggest Missouri's Blaine Gabbert.

Thats all I got. Have a good Monday and enjoy the day off if you have an extended long weekend.


Anonymous said...


They already made an Avengers movie 13 years ago.
Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman were in it.
It wasn't very good.

the new one has Robert Downey Jr. in it. but i think it's based on the super heroes.

Russ from saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Nothing saves the Canucks now.

Anonymous said...

I'd still rather see Vancouver where they are than your beloved Oilers being where they are.


Anonymous said...

How anyone can vote for Jack Layton is beyond me? Then again if you don't want Harper its either Ignatieff or Layton and really why would you want either?


Anonymous said...

Jack Layton affects me the same way Gary Bettman does. When I see either one of them on television I imagine that they are a bug and I can step on them and grind them into the floor.

Design said...

The Blackhawks are a much better team than the regular season showed us. The team is for the most part, healthy, and the addition of Frolick and Campoli at the deadline filled a couple of holes. Keith, Seabrook, and Hossa all had less than average seasons, but have found their game in the Cup playoffs. They might not be last years team, but it is a very good team non the less, as Vancouver is finding out.