Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lingerie Football League in Saskatchewan?????

Toronto football fans will be seeing a whole lot daintier set of players take to the field if this particular brand of American football comes to town.

The city has been announced as one of the cities that will get a controversial sports league franchise allowing spectators to watch women play scantily-clad football matches

The American Lingerie Football League (LFL) will be expanding into the city this fall. Other cities to join the league at the same time will be Las Vegas, Minnesota, Cleveland and Green Bay.

The LFL was launched in 2009 and is made up of teams of seven women wearing helmets, mouth guards and lingerie.

Some of the current teams include the San Diego Seduction, the Baltimore Charm and the Orlando Fantasy.

And now officials say a Canadian LFL league is being mulled to start in September 2012.

Six markets are being considered to play include Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa.

"Our expansion into Toronto is the first step toward a more significant footprint of the LFL brand into Canada," said chairman Mitchell Mortaza in a statement.

The LFL calls itself the "ultimate fan-driven sports phenomenon – blending action, impact and beauty."

Toronto's first of two home games will be played September 17.


Anonymous said...

Could this spell the end of the Argos! And they were worried about the NFL!!!

Anonymous said...

whats a expansion team cost in this any idea or this just horny men wanting to see women wearing helmets, mouth guards and lingerie.


75flyersbestteamever said...

Does the Lingerie league need "video review" technicians to help make calls on if the QB is in the grasp...and will copies of these reviews be available in both DVD and Blu-ray
...also seeing some of the cities listed in the league wouldn't some of their "women" players be better suited to Rodeo instead of football....the topic just spews with one-liners doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why would they be considering putting a team in Ottawa? They've already proven they can't support a football team.