Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Busy Morning

One minute I'm leaving my hotel room in Yorkton seeing that Jeff Stoughton looks in control of his curling game against China and two hours later, I see and hear a lot of stuff has gone on this morning.

The big news and the surprising news comes out of Moose Jaw where I have to wonder what the board of directors are smoking as Dave Hunchak is relieved of his duties. Hunchak led the Warriors to a 40 win season, but once again they did not get out of the first round. I guess that it was lead to this decision, but I just wonder what the agenda is for this board. I don't know who comes in to replace Hunchak, but the Warriors have a solid team and with the new rink ready, it better be someone who can get this team to where the board wants it. Then again, I don't know if the board really knows what it wants.  As for Hunchak, he is a good coach and a good man. He will resurface. With Curtis Hunt's situation in limbo, could he end up in Regina?
The Riders were the only team to go over the salary cap. They have been fined 26,677 dollars after going over the 4.25 million dollar cap by that amount. With all the money that the Riders have, I'm sure Jim Hopson will have no problem cutting this cheque. Heck, he might fly down to Toronto and just open up his wallet and give the CFL 27-thousand and tell them to keep the change.
I listened to the Blue Jays game on XM Radio (have I mentioned how much I love satellite radio) coming back from Yorkton. Ricky Romero was pitching a gem, but he was pulled for Jason Frasor. He should be nicknamed "Jason The Terrible" because he is. He gassed that 1-0 lead as Oakland won 2-1.  In another game today, the Red Sox lost to Cleveland pushing Boston to 0-6. Boston hasn't won since John Farrell left!!!!
Raffi Torres got four games today for his headshot on Jordan Eberle the other night. When I saw the hit, I went that's what I'm afraid of. Ebs was leaning in for the  puck with his head down and he got caught. If the NHL is going to suspend players when guys are leaning in and their head is vulnerable, the physical nature of the game will disappear. I love the Oilers and I love Ebs, but I think Torres gets a raw deal on this one.
Jeff Stoughton did beat China and will look for a perfect 11-0 round robin record against Thomas Ulsrud and the Norwegians tonight. What pants will the Norwegians break out? Perhaps the Canadians will surprise everyone and wear something gaudy. Oh wait. they did that the other day!
Is there ever a time when the Augusta National Golf Course doesn't look great. I would love to play one hole on that course where I'm actually playing and not on a PS3. In fact I ask you, if you could play one golf course, what one would it be?  I know a few who have golfed St. Andrews. If it wasn't Augusta, I would then say Pebble Beach.


greener2334 said...

Just because you are in a vulnerable position doesn't mean someone can elbow you. If that had simply collided, that would have been one thing but he deliberately elbowed him in the head. Good suspension.

Bill White

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the hit was suspendable is debatable. What isn't debatable is the fact the NHL has given out a 4 game suspension. Will they be consistent with the next headshot or will another random number be thrown out there. If the consistency is there, cool. If not, what's the use.


Anonymous said...

The fact Dave Hunchak is canned afer a 40 win season and Curtis Hunt is stil here makes one scratch their head.
Perhaps it is another team that needs to be smoking something---a team that occupies a building with an orange roof where curling is being played right now.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing the Riders were the only team over the cap. Transparency is something we need and deserve to have in the CFL.

Kim K said...

A hole that I would love to golf....St. adrews would be nice, as would augusta...but honestly...TPC at Sawgrass...the island hole at 17...the only hole in golf that is the great equalizer...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the transparency comment. We need to know what teams are paying to whom. I find it hard to believe that we are the only team over the cap. There must be some under the table deals happening in some places.


Anonymous said...

Liberty National. I have friends that live 15 minutes from there. They don't golf though. I wonder how much it is to golf there and who you have to know.


Anonymous said...

Just some comments

1. Chad Lang, Steve Young, and many others have come and gone through Moose Jaw. This board wants a winner and they wont relax until they get one. The sad thing is many good people have moved on because of their stupidity.

2. 26-thousand over the cap. Big deal!
3. I agree Eberle was leaning in, but Torres had the elbow out. 4 games may be too long, but he needed to sit for at least 2.

4. I would love to play Amens Corner
5. From the previous post, the SJHL games the past two nights might be some of the best hockey I have seen this winter and I have seen WHL. SJHL, CIS and Sask Midget.


Anonymous said...

If 4 games for Torres is justice, then Heatley should have got 10 games. Oh, right; Heatley is a star, Torres isn't. That explains it.