Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

He wasn't wearing a cardigan, but it was a great day for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as they throttled Atlanta in one of the NFC semi-finals. Rodgers was just one or two levels above his competition Saturday night as he was an astounding 31 of 36 for 366 yards and three touchdowns with another touchdown running the ball in a highly unexpected 48-21 win. It wasn't unexpected to see Green Bay win as they had a shot, but to score 48 against the Atlanta "D" was something and it does send a message throughout the league.
It looked as if the Baltimore Ravens were going to walk into Pittsburgh and upset the Steelers, but then they had one of the more nightmarish quarters that a team will have to let Pittsburgh get back into it. The two went at it in the heavyweight tilt we thought they would with the Steelers winning it in the last minute. I don't like those guys, but I gotta admit they get the job done and they stare adversity right in the face and then gives adversity a good slap. Here's a question for you---in an MMA fight between James Harrison and Ray Lewis--who would you take? That would be an epic brawl. Who's kidding who, I wouldn't say a word to either of these gentlemen even if they were smiling. They are scary dudes!!! I don't think there is anyone in the CFL that invokes the fear and respect that guys like Harrison and Lewis do.
The Patriots will take on the Jets tomorrow. I don't know how the Jets can beat the Patriots unless Tom Brady isn't allowed to leave the house or something, but it won't be 45-3 like it was the last time the Jets paid a visit. That leaves just one other game----oh yeah, its the Seahawks against the Bears. With losses Saturday by Baltimore and Atlanta and a loss by Philly last weekend, it means that Seattle is the NFL's last standing bird in 2010. Who'd have said that a couple of weeks ago? I don't know if the Seahawks will win or not, but here are some reasons as to why they should.

1. Cheerleaders. The Seahawks have them, the Bears don't. This is former Sea-Gal Amber Lancaster. How can you not root for the team that she does???

If this woman's last name is "Lancaster", you surely can't cheer against her team. Speaking of Saskatchewan connections...

2) Jon Ryan. He is the NFL's best punter this year when it comes to hemming teams inside their 20. His kicks will neutralize the dangerous Devin Hester. Once again, how can you cheer for the Bears when you have a good old Saskatchewan boy on the Seahawks. If you are from Manitoba, I will allow you to cheer for the Bears because of Israel Idonije but still. Its hard to believe that a few years ago when I did play by play for the Rams that I did games with two future NFL'ers in it in Idonije and Ryan. I remember Idonije just making life miserable for the Rams o-line during a game in Regina one night. It wasn't fair at times.

3) In the last five years, the home team is 10-10 in this round of the playoffs. One home team lost yesterday in Atlanta so its time for a 2nd team to lose today to keep that 500 record intact and that team won't be the Patriots

4) The Bears coach---how can you have respect for someone named Lovie? Lovie!!! Is the coach of the Bears, Mrs. Thurston Howell the Third. Please. Get a real name Mr. Smith!

5) The Seahawks lead the all time series 8-5 and are 4-2 in Chicago.

6) The Bears are still scarred from their loss to the Colts in the Super Bowl and have no desire to return to the big game. The Seahawks want to get back and play a Super Bowl where Bill Leavy isn't the ref so they don't get screwed like they did in Super Bowl 40 (that scar isn''t healing over!!)

7) Joe Buck has already petitioned the NFL saying he would much rather spend next weekend in Seattle where it will be nicer weather wise than Chicago. Notice Buck did last nite's game in comfy weather conditions. The NFL knows better than to screw around with Joe Buck. "America's largest forehead" does not want to go to Chicago in mid-January.

8) Its Jay Cutler's first ever playoff game. I've hated this whiny little SOB ever since he became a crybaby in Denver with his demand to be traded. I want to see the guy fall flat on his face and get some heavy criticism. You know his jock will be extra tight with this game being his first one. If he starts screwing up, the Soldier Field fans will start getting on him.

In all honesty, Chicago should win this game. They should take the glass slipper off of Seattle's foot and batter them into submission. However, in the NFL playoffs anything can happen and we have seen that already this year. The Seahawks got further than I thought they would go this year with last week's win and anything now is ice cream on top of the cake. Do I want to see the Packers at Qwest Field next week? You're damn right I do, but if Green Bay has to go to Chicago, I won't be surprised. I just don't want to see a good old fashioned blowout. I don't think I will.


benjskramer said...

It's a sad state of affairs when all you can say is there to draw you to a team is blatant homer-ism and skirts. There are some of us who cheer for a football team because we actually . . . like the team! Go Bears!

BTW if you want the 10 reasons the Bears will beat the Seahawks you can find it here:

Anonymous said...

I wish Joe Buck could get the technical team at Fox to do something to stop the fading in and out of his commentary. Seems to be a regular thing with the broadcast. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Mitch, but I don't know if anyone beats Green Bay after that performance by Rodghers. Like the guys on ESPN said this morning, in a dome he is lethal.

What's wrong with looking at skirts at football games? We are men aren't we? SHEESH!!!


Anonymous said...

Two words as to why Seattle wins today---JAY CUTLER!!!!
The guy is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side: at least John Ryan is getting lots of play-off experience today.