Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Busy Monday

It was trade deadline day in both the WHL and SJHL. The Saskatoon Blades did get Brayden Schenn and they did pay a big price to get him. Is getting Schenn the thing that will make Blades hockey an event that Saskatoon sports fans should go to. I hope so. Its no secret that those in the Bridge City don't like going to see the Blades. That big arena looks empty on most nights. I hear the team is averaging about 4-grand a night and that is sad when you consider they are one of the top teams in the WHL.
Regina hockey fans would love to be able to cheer for a team like the Blades have right now and would probably sell out the Brandt Centre on most nights if it were to ever happen. Now that Schenn is back home and wearing the colours of the home team, its time for Saskatoon to step up and start supporting this team.
While the Blades and Kootenay Ice appear to be the winners in the WHL as they get Schenn and Cody Eakin respectively, I can't help but think the Melfort Mustangs are the big winners in the SJHL. The Mustangs are already a good team, but they have added Brayden Metz and Cody Hanson from Melville in the last couple of days, they also received Carter Berg from the Calgary Hitmen. They have all the ingredients. The only thing standing in their way in the Bauer Conference will be La Ronge and Bob Beatty isn't going to give up the championship without a fight. In the Sherwood, one has to like Yorkton's chances after getting Jeremy Boyer and Justin Buzzeo last week and Brant Remenda on Monday from Nipawin. If Davis Vandane comes back from Spokane, Yorkton will be sitting pretty. There's a long ways to go, but if I were a betting man, I might take a Melfort-Yorkton final about now.
Speaking of Yorkton, I will see the new look Terriers tonight as the league begins its Presidents Tour at the Gallagher Centre. Its time to go around the province and visit the different venues over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to these trips. The drive to La Ronge and Flin Flon won't be fun, but I'm sure the people in both locales will more than make up for the marathon hours on the highway.
Auburn wins the BCS football championship with a 22-19 win over Oregon. I thought that would be the score after the 1st quarter. I guess when you don't play for six or seven weeks, your offence gets rusty and the defences know what you are going to do. I'm glad I didn't pay a lot of attention to that game.
Have you seen this story out of Seattle? Seahawks fans apparently made the earth move Saturday night!
The whole Nexus thing on RAW last night was just stupid.
Prechae Rodriguez has signed on with the Alouettes. Can they get out of him what the Riders couldn't. It also looks as if Ben Cahoon is retiring. A story has come out saying he has applied for a position at BYU.
It doesn't surprise me to see Donald Fehr, the new boss of the NHLPA supplant Gary Bettman as the number one person when it comes to the Power and Influence list which is in the Hockey News. Fehr will bring the sport to its knees whether you like it or not. He is the one that killed the baseball season and he won't hesitate to stick the knife in hockey's heart either. I think hockey fans across this great country of ours will have to go another year without a Stanley Cup playoffs and a hockey season. Its either that or the owners had better do a lot of laying down.
Have a great Tuesday and a great 1-11-11!!

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Anonymous said...

if you go to ticketmaster right now.

a 4 pack of tickets to a pats game is $46 plus sc

a 4 pack of tickets to a blades game is $65 plus sc

a $20 difference.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Blades tickets cost TOO much money.

When they have their special family night promotion, 4 tickets, plus pop and pizza for $40, they usually sell lots of tickets for that one.

I say get the seats filled first and worry about the prices later.