Friday, January 7, 2011

Bits And Bites

Nothing major to discuss, just a few little things in point form so here goes

--If the Pittsburgh Penguins knew Sidney Crosby had been concussed from the hit David Steckel gave him at the Winter Classic and they allowed him to play a couple of nights later against Tampa, the NHL needs to come down on the Penguins and come down on them hard. I don't care if its Sid or some 4th line sweater-filler, in this day and age you can't do that anymore. It will be tough to prove, but if the NHL can, hit them with a very heavy fine and make an example of them.

--I look at the cover of the LP sports section today and see a picture of Jaden Schwartz and his sister Mandi. Life has not dealt a good hand to that family over the past few weeks. Jaden suffers a broken ankle at the World Jrs and Mandi's story has been well documented. Its now been learned her leukemia has returned and one story has suggested this is a story that won't end the way we want it to. While Jaden didn't get his gold, I'm guessing he couldn't care less because there are MUCH more important things on his mind.

--The debate is on full swing as to what happened to Canada's World Junior team in the 3rd period. I'm on the side that says they "choked". You are up 3-0 with 20 minutes to go and you let it go. I think this team felt they just had to skate around the ice for 20 minutes and it was over. The Russians showed they had tremendous comeback ability all throughout this tournament and they did it again when it counted the most.

--Everyone's panties are in a knot because the Russian team got kicked off the plane they were to fly home on because they were so drunk. Whatever!! Let the kids celebrate. Its not like they were put behind the wheel of a car and told to drive to the airport or anything. They were looked after and while they got a little stupid, they are still kids who are taking advantage of something they might not be able to do back home. I can only imagine the uproar had this been Canada. Guess what, they've done it too.

--If Ken Miller decided to make Greg Marshall the new head coach of the Riders and his successor then I am all for it. I have faith and trust that Miller is doing the right thing for the organization. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have stepped down to let someone else take over. Speaking of Ken, he looked like a different man on Wednesday when Marshall's announcement was made public. He looked relaxed and refreshed. He went through double knee replacement surgery so I don't think he'll be challenging Luca Congi or Eddie Johnson to a kicking contest anytime soon, but he looked great and that is great.

--One of the all too famous "anonymous" family was rather unkind this week when posting a comment and tearing a strip off me saying "I have turned my back on the WHL and the Pats since taking over as SJHL communications person." HELLO!!!!! If you work at Zellers, do you do all your shopping at Wal-Mart. Lets be real here. I will talk Pats whenever I get the chance, but truth be known, I haven't been to a lot of games this year for a myriad of reasons---reasons I won't get into. The team is playing good hockey right now and they just might get into the playoffs. If that happens, I will be surprised because I didn't think it would happen this year, but Chad Lang deserves a tremendous amount of credit for what he has done in year 1.

--When people do post things under "anonymous", do they expect to be taken seriously? Just asking! You must not believe in what you are writing if you don't want to take credit for it. The same goes for those who hide under their nicknames on fan boards. I guarantee you 95 percent of blog comments and fan board posts would not be written if you had to put your real name beside it.

--The Gregg Drinnan-Kamloops Blazers story is interesting to watch to see where people's loyalties lie. I know Rod Pedersen has not gotten along with Gregg for years so it doesn't surprise me to see RP firmly in the court of the Blazers. I would likely feel the same way too if I had some of the run-ins and took some of the pokes Gregg took at Rod over the years. I also know a lot of people are saying the Blazers are in the wrong here. Rod and I had former Blazer-current Pat Shayne Neigum in the Sportscage on Wednesday and he admitted he's not a big Drinnan fan and that he is trying to put words in your mouth to get a story. If that is the case, I would have just limited Drinnan's access to the coaching staff. They are much more polished at giving answers than 16-20 year old kids anyhow. My take on this is that Gregg is paid to give his opinion--be it right or wrong. Has he gone over the line with his reporting? You would have to read what he has written to make that determination for yourself. I just think this could have been handled a lot better by everyone involved---and I mean everyone.

--Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck would have likely been the number one pick in the NFL draft. He has decided to go back to Stanford. Why? Some people say he might be the most NFL ready QB to go back for his senior season since Peyton Manning and we know what type of career he has had. If Luck can come out now, do it! What happens if he gets hurt next year, what if he doesn't come close to leading Stanford to a national title as some have suggested he will? What if some bad habits creep up? Matt Leinart took that gamble and he failed. Time has shown Leinart wasn't an NFL QB either, but still.

--Remember when NFL scouts were salivating over Leinart and Vince Young after the Texas-USC national championship game a few years ago. Leinart is a man looking for a job now and so is Young after Tennessee said they would trade or release him.

--I've decided the Oilers need a young Cam Fowler type defenceman in this year's draft. Who can they nab? Who is out there? I don't think Edmonton will pick number one again, but they may be a lottery team. The building blocks are there, but something is still missing.

--The Colts and Ravens will win this weekend in the AFC playoffs while the Packers and well you know my thoughts on the other game will come out victorious in the NFC matchup. Seattle will beat the spread if they do get beat.

--The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Regina later this year. Do you know they have performed for four Popes?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Russian kids. Does anyone realize the Americans did the same thing in Saskatoon last year? No one said boo about it then so why now?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the right to skewer 16-20 year old kids? If they are in the pros then its a different story, but they are not.

Anonymous said...

The Eagles will soar Mitchy! Say goodbye to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Same goes for Seattle.