Friday, January 28, 2011

25 Years Ago

Do you remember???


Kim K said...

I remember exactly where I was Mitch. I was in my Grade three classroom in Goodeve, SK when my former grade two teacher came in and asked if I could be excused in order to go to the library to watch TV. I asked why and she said, "Kim you need to know what has happened to the Space Shuttle." I said, "It blasted off okay even with the freezing?" and she said nothing. We got to the TV and it was just replaying the explosion. Every single time I see that video I get this sick feeling. I was facinated by the Shuttle and the Shuttle program growing up and was always excited for every launch. Jan. 28th 1986 will always be a date etched in my mind for life.

Bryn Griffiths said...

I remember exactly where I was... the Warriors were on the West Coast in Victoria and there was a knock on my hotel room door... opened it up... and there was Theo Fleury asking me if I just saw what happened... immediately turned on the tv and watched it for the rest of the day before heading to the Victoria Arena. Warriors won the game. But a terrible, tragic event in FLA. Still sad 25 years later.