Thursday, November 11, 2010

What About Canada?!

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is taking a page from Willy Wonka. He is inviting 11 ordinary people and a guest to the 2011 Midsummer Night's dream party thanks to a promotion

Stashed among this Friday’s 200,000 or so U.S. newsstand copies of the December issue are ten golden tickets, along with one additional online giveaway. This translates to odds of one-in-20,000, which is a whole lot better than most previous chances an Average Joe has had of attending a party at the famed Holmby Hills Mansion.

Each winner will get two return airfare tickets, hotel accomodation at the Petit Ermitage, dinner at the Sofitel’s LA Simon restaurant and access to a range of much better looking Oompa Loompas. It’s a stroke of penultimate PR genius by Hef. Get ready for a whole lot of out-of-control local TV coverage in each and every market where a golden Playboy tickets is discovered.

BLOGGER NOTE: Fellas, try explaining this one to the lady in your life if you won a ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Lets go one step further. First explain to your wife why you have the Playboy and then explain to her why you are going to one of Hef's parties. Ain't no bling big enough to get permission for that.