Saturday, November 27, 2010

SJHL Hall of Fame Weekend

While many of you have your thoughts on Edmonton and what is happening there this weekend (and I'm one of those), I am spending the weekend in the city of Humboldt. The SJHL's Hall of Fame weekend is happening and it started last night as the 2010 inductees were recognized during last night's game between the hometown Broncos and the Melfort Mustangs in what was a pretty spirited tilt.

Mick McGeough, former Bronco Bill McDougall, the 02-03 RBC champion Broncos, Dr. Gerry Rooney, Dr. Terry Henning (men that helped create the organization) and Humboldt's favourite son Glenn Hall are going in this year. The formal ceremony goes tonight.

I had the privilege of interviewing the inductees for Access and it was a thrill interviewing someone like Glenn Hall who has story after story after story even though he says he's a bad interview. It was great talking to the others as well, but having the chance to speak with one of the best ever players to play the game was a treat.

When it was over, Access play-by-play man and fellow blogger Mike Stackhouse did a tremendous job in a 20 minute hot-stove league with all the inductees as more stories were told. I'm expecting a pretty good night tonight as well. Its nice having Mike still connected with the league as his knowledge of the league and other things is extremely beneficial. I'm hoping he has no plans of leaving this gig anytime soon.

I am still shocked over the behaviour of the Montreal Alouettes going into the Grey Cup and this "we are being slighted" attitude that they have taken. The latest complaints now center around their hotel. Really? I've stayed at the Chateau Lacombe and its a nice hotel. Would the Als rather have stayed at Edmonton's equivalent of "The Empire". I'm actually starting to develop a dislike for this team. When it comes right down to it, the comments were from two guys who were rather inconsequentional. If they came from Calvillo, Cahoon, Flory or one of their other long-time vets, I would give it a little more attention.
I am surprised at one thing though and that is why the CFL makes the home team the team of the conference where the game is played. The Grey Cup has been played in Western Canada for the last two years and will be played in Vancouver next. I don't care if the Riders are in next year or not, but they shouldn't be the home team three straight years. Either flip-flop between East and West or take the best record to determine who is home team.
Its sounding more and more like Ottawa will be back in the CFL soon. That is great news. Its now time to get the ball rolling on a team in the Maritimes and make it a 10 team league.
TSN is your place to be this weekend. You can just put down the remote.
How's Riderville? How's Spirit of Edmonton? Word from one of my friends this morning that a buddy of his was talking to me in Tigertown last night. Hmmmmmmm!!!!
So much for Boise State winning a national championship in US College Football. The little school that has the big BCS schools quaking in their boots lost to Nevada last night so they won't be in the title game. Thankfully Alabama won't be either after losing to Auburn. I can't stand Nick Saban.
How does one spend a Saturday in Humboldt?


Anonymous said...

Winnipeg 06 -(East)
Toronto 07 - (East)
Montreal 08 -(East)
Calgary 09 - (West)
Edmonton 10 -(West)
Vancouver 11-(West)
Toronto 12 - (East)

Three and three with us heading east in 12... Sounds fair to me

Stoon Todd from Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Why would the SJHL schedule their Hall of Fame weekend during the Grey Cup festivities? Sounds suicidal to me.