Thursday, November 25, 2010

Riders 1 Alouettes 0

I don't care how Montreal coach Marc Trestman and his Alouettes want to spin it, they don't like the cold and it affects them. The Riders had a bone-chilling practice on the Commonwealth Stadium turf yesterday and they loved every second of it. Of course, they were used to it after having to do it leading into the Western final. They did what they wanted to.

Trestman says the Alouettes did what they wanted to as well and that is have a walk-through. They decided to stay indoors and do things at the University of Alberta. Advantage Riders! It will be warmer than what its been on Sunday night, but it will still be chilly. The Riders are used to the conditions and Montreal isn't. I will give this one to the Riders.

Here's a debate for you. The Alouettes have plenty of playoff experience having been in the big game virtually every year in the last decade. I think this is the 8th Cup for guys like A-C, Cahoon, Scott Flory, etc. etc. This will be the 3rd Grey Cup for many Riders. The question is does Montreal get the edge in playoff experience because so many of them have been through this so many times. I don't think it does. In fact, if you boil the numbers down, you might find there is more GC experience on the Saskatchewan sideline than the Montreal one. I would think Wes Cates has been in more GC's than Avon Cobourne. Andy Fantuz has been in more than SJ Green. I think too much is being made of that stat.
How many of you that are not going to Edmonton have taken the day off? I'm guessing many (and I know of quite a few) aren't working today because its American Thanksgiving and that means a tripleheader of NFL games. The Saints-Cowboys game had the potential to be a dandy at the start of the year, but that has fizzled even though Dallas is seemingly getting it back together under Jason Garrett. The debate has started again about whether or not Dallas or Detroit should keep hosting Thanksgiving Day games. I don't have a problem with it. That being said, I do like what some in the U-S have suggested. That being the winners of todays games get the right to host next year and that if you keep winning, you keep hosting.
I wonder how many requests Jordan Eberle has had for tickets for tonite's home game against Colorado. I wonder if Jordan Eberle has put in a request for a Grey Cup ticket. He's a huge Weston Dressler fan if you didn't know and I'm guessing at some point this week the two might rub shoulders. Maybe Ebs needs to get Ken Miller to come over to Rexall for a pep talk because whatever he says to the Riders is working.
It sounds like Carm Carteri is losing his voice at the most inopportune time if his appearance on "The Sportscage" meant anything. I know its Grey Cup Carm, but trade in the Pilzners for some hot chamomile tea. Once you put down the headset for the final time Sunday night, go hard!!!
As expected, Rob Vanstone, Murray McCormick and Ian Hamilton are doing a bang-up job with Grey Cup coverage in Edmonton. Good job gentlemen(and you too Rob!!)
One of the best parts about GC week when it comes to player interaction is happening today. Both teams have meals to which the media is invited. This is where I got a majority of my work done when covering GC's because the players aren't rushed when it comes to meetings, its a very casual environment and you get some great stories. You also can get some guys that you normally wouldn't get in a one on one environment. Trust me, if you can get someone like Durant or Fantuz or Calvillo or Cahoon by yourself by five minutes during GC week or for that matter the head coaches, you have accomplished something.
That's all I got for now. Later!

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Anonymous said...

Just listened to the other radio show thats first and favourite.Lets talk concussions and 13th man with Drew forgetting who was claimed as him(Lucas).Was it painful.I don't know if you couldn't make it but the cage could be killing this show by the end of the week.People don't care about Head Wound Harry its all about the CUP man.Riders by 10.Chop.