Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is This A Dirty Hit?

North Dakota's Brad Malone takes out Denver University's Jesse Martin with this hit over the weekend. As you see, Martin is wheeled off on a stretcher. He suffered a broken neck on the play. Is this hit dirty though? Take a look!

He takes a run at him, but does he deliver a head shot and would it have been a head shot had the Denver player not ducked his head a little.


Anonymous said...

Martin saw him coming but kept his head down and didn't prepare for the hit. Malone stopped his stride several ft. back and glided into him (not saying it wasn't a hard hit, he was still going fast) There was contact with his head, but it was as much Martin's fault as it was Malone's. Hockey is a contact sport. Its to bad he suffered a broken neck during this one. He was in a vulnerable position and I'm sure Malone didn't intend to injure Martin. The right call was made in the 5 Min Major. Its hard to judge from this video, seeing first hand would be a better judge.

Ryan F said...

It was a bit dirty with the charging/high sticking combo, but it was head on. I agree with anon when he says it was as much Martin's fault as Malone's.

Anonymous said...

At first look in game speed I thought it was a clean hit. Watching the slow-mo versions, I know it was a clean hit. Very unfortunate that the Martin kid got hurt, but I'd have to say this was just an unlucky result. Hope he recovers someday and plays again.

Derek Meyers

Anonymous said...

Tough break for the kid (no pun intended), but I see nothing dirty in that hit. Sorry!