Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Thoughts

No one topic today, just a lot of randoms to throw out there.

--If the Edmonton Eskimos know that they are in the playoffs by the time tomorrow's game against the Riders start, I couldn't care less what the final score is. You as a fan will unfortunately be subjected to what will be a glorified exhibition game. I really can't see either team playing their main guys and I can't see either team doing anything new since the two will play next weekend.

--I have laughed this week at the reaction of some Rider fans who are getting called out because the team is suffering through this four game losing streak. They are quick to blame the media for the negativity. I suggest these people do what the Riders have been doing and take a good look in the mirror. You don't want anything to do with this football team right now, but a couple of wins and you'll be puffing your chest out again.

--Edgar Renteria had two game winning home runs in the World Series and was named Series MVP(even though it should have been Tim Lincecum). The Giants have their parade and just hours after that's over, the team announces they are buying out Renteria's contract for 500-thousand dollars and he is now a free agent. Thanks Edgar! Send us a forwarding address when its time for you to get your ring.

--Rod Pedersen reports on his blog that some woman mistook John Lynch for Ken Miller this week. There are so many ways I could go with that.

--Speaking of Rod, you might remember that when the Sportscage was just starting out, we spoke to Eddie Litzenberger. Eddie was on the last Chicago team to win the Stanley Cup before last year's team won. Rod somehow found where Litzenberger was and was told by his wife that he didn't have his entire faculties and that he might tell you he is getting out of the home where he was any day, but in reality he wasn't. During our chat with Eddie, he mentioned a couple of times that he was getting ready to leave the home because he was feeling much better.

--The Saskatchewan Hockey Association has announced there is going to be a Saskatchewan hockey hall of fame in Swift Current. This is great news! I actually thought there was already one. Speaking of Hall of Fames, the SJHL announces its class of 2010 in Humboldt this afternoon.

--Speaking of the SJHL, the country's best junior "A" team will be on display tonight in Weyburn when the Humboldt Broncos pay a visit. I know many of you may be checking out the Pats and Warriors, but if you want to make a road trip for what should be a good game, Weyburn is an option.

--Is there any young and aspiring journalists out there that would like to do some sports work on Access 7. Pete Paczko's local sports show (Locker Talk) is looking for someone who could go out and cover some stories. If you are interested, call Graham Condo at Access Communications or e-mail him at

--RIP to Sparky Anderson. One of the best men to manage or coach in any sport

--Good luck to the Rams tomorrow in Calgary. That game will be on Access starting at 1. Hopefully its a good Saturday for Regina-based football teams.

--The forecast says it should be nice this weekend, so enjoy it!!!


Anonymous said...


I'd be all for Regina walking in to Calgary and getting a win setting up the hardy cup in Saskatoon next week should the huskies win.

What a game that would be!

Did you see the new "protocol" for visiting teams as the other team is introduced ? I guess we'll call that the "Ram Protocol".

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on the first comment. I don't care if its our 5th stringers out there, WE NEED A WIN!! This team is done if it goes into the playoffs having lost 5 straight.

Anonymous said...

"You don't want anything to do with this football team right now, but a couple of wins and you'll be puffing your chest out again."

Who does not want anything to do with this team?
Fans questioning glaring problems with the team is NOT the same as wanting nothing to do with the Riders.

Anonymous said...

I thought the SHA already had a hall of fame. Good on them for establishing one. Many great names that have gone un-noticed may finally now get some recognition.


Anonymous said...

I pay my money for season tickets and I pay my money for Rider souvenirs. They are certainly not giving me value for my money right now.

Tom G

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan is home to the fickle fan. No one wanted to show up when the team was losing. They didn't start coming until the team was winning in 2007 and they have been out ever since. Now that the team is in the losing skids, they are starting to find "excuses" to stay away. The sellout streak will come to an end, blackouts will once again be issued and "fans" will cry. The team will win again and they will show up saying they never abandoned the team. There are a few thousand loyalists that show up win or lose, but the rest are just part-time fans. Face it, its the truth.


Anonymous said...

Pay your money, sit on your seat, cheer and/or boo, but when it comes time for personnel/game plan decisions - leave it to people who know more than you. A lot more.

Not Obama

Tim said...

X2 I remember when 18,000 fans was a good crowd very sad.

Anonymous said...

Sparky Anderson is right up there with Scotty Bowman and Bill Walsh as far as I'm concerned. He was outstanding!


Anonymous said...

If Humboldt came here to play the Pats, I bet Regina would have problems beating them.

Doug said...

I have followed the Riders since 1963 and will follow them until I die....but there are serious problems within the team. I do hope that they can rebound and make us competitive again, but I am not so sure.
I am not a bandwagon fan...and the media and the riders can say what they want...we will be there long after they all leave.....
The team has been embarrassing the last few weeks...I would love to have Winnipegs defense going into the playoffs,,,Darian is a very good QB but has a long ways to go, to begin to recognize a blitz and how to counteract to it.

I dont normally react like this, but it has gotten very bad....hopefully I am full of Sh...


SJ buff said...

Are you kidding me? The Pats would slaughter the Humboldt Broncos. Just because Humboldt has this beautiful record in the SJHL doesn't mean they are this superior talent. They find ways to win the close games. They have a brilliant Coach in Dean Brockman. Any team in the SJ can beat the Broncos on any night. Even the W 7 L 10 Melville Millionaires played the Broncos pretty tough and should have beat them the last time they played but choked and only played 30 minutes of good hockey.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Sparky was a character! The baseball diamond in the sky has another skipper!!!

Anonymous said...

Estevan 9
Humboldt 4

Saturday night.