Monday, November 22, 2010

Boo To Boomer!!

ESPN's Chris Berman is a big CFL fan. He will show a CFL highlight whenever he can---especially come playoff time. It came time for the fastest 3 minutes in football at halftime of the Broncos-Chargers game last night and Berman had some CFL highlights---but not all of them. After going on and on about Toronto and Montreal and showing footage of players like Guy Lafleur and Frank Mahovlich, Boomer then talked about the Alouettes playing for the Grey Cup. One problem---he didn't mention who the Alouettes will be playing or show a highlight of the team the Alouettes will be playing. I think people in the good old US of A deserved to see Cary Koch's touchdown or James Patrick's INT. In the words of the segment that he has helped make popular on Monday Night Football Countdown.....CMON MAN!!!!


Were you at the rally today? Good for you if you were. I loved Premier Wall's line about having a speech but he dropped it and couldn't find it until Jerrell Freeman recovered it.


Ken Miller and Andy Fantuz didn't mince words on Monday. Both came right out and said "many people in the province lost faith" . Of course these people are post under the moniker anonymous or some other clever nickname on message boards. However, as I have found out thanks to a couple of friends of mine, it would appear as if the Stampeder fans (at least some of them) can be just as delusional on their message boards. Bottom line here is many did give up on this football team thinking they could not rebound after the loss to Calgary here and the losses that followed. They shut those people up. Will those people learn? I would like to hope so, but I doubt it.


Here's a question for you and I think I know the answer to this least I hope so. Both Dwight Anderson and Brandon Browner are free agents. Would you want either of these "exemplary citizens" wearing green next year? What would your reaction be if the Riders put out a release seeing one or both had signed. As I said, I think I know the answer from many of you.


I said Chris Getzlaf would have a big game against Calgary and for once, I hit that one. Here's another one. The MVP of the 98th Grey Cup will be Weston Dressler.


I'm not a big fan of his, but the more I see him this year, the more I think Phillip Rivers might be the best quarterback in the NFL right now. He would be putting up some sickening numbers if he actually had some top-notch receivers to throw to.


Who's the better Canadian born first baseman? Joey Votto or Justin Morneau. I was shocked to see Votto win the National League MVP. It wasn't because of the season he had, it was just because I thought someone like an Albert Pujols would be a shoo-in because of his name.

Will Cory Boyd be back in the CFL next year. If he is and Toronto finds a quarterback, I will say Montreal's reign atop the East will be over. Winnipeg will be much better, Toronto will be better and Hamilton will take another step up in 11.
Sportsnet's Perry Lefko has some "interesting" rumours in his latest column. Amongst his little tidbits are that CFL commish Marc Cohon will step down after the 2012 Grey Cup, the Argos may pursue Jeff Garcia and Richie Hall will end up in Hamilton.
Where has Wayne Gretzky gone? He just seems to have disappeared has he not?
"The Miz" gets the belt on RAW?? I don't understand that one.
Why is Monday so far from Friday, but Friday so close to Monday?


Cole said...

Mr. Blair

Can we stop talking about the fans with the broken ankles, While there may be a few that lost faith, I still believe that there were way more that still believed that the Green and White could and will get it done.

Go Riders!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? What Rider fan would want poison in your locker room? Never ever consider signing those two Ego Amigos.

Berman actually did show a bit of the TOR/MTL game. Jamel Richardsons TD. He also mentioned the Grey Cup will be the AL's against Saskatchewan.From his American point of view,US fans might know Cleo Lemon from his past NFL career but probably not Durant from 4 years ago in NC college ball. Hey any memtion on US TV is good(except if its last years 13th man)

Enjoy your Blog and the comments from fans.

Robert in Riderville

Anonymous said...

It would have been great seeing that Koch touchdown on MNF.

As to Anderson or Browner wearing green, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Craig Stein said...

Anderson in Green- NO.

Browner? I think I could stomach that. I didn't hate him nearly as much as DA before Sunday... and he's very very good. And, the Riders are a question mark at corner. Omarr keeps getting hurt, and older... and whatever Canadian they stick on the other side is often the weakest link. Browner would be a big upgrade to the secondary, and without DA, maybe he'd act human.

Anonymous said...

Good on Miller and Fantuz for calling out the so called "fans". Perhaps those on a certain message board (bored) that think they are higher on the human food chain than they are might take heed to those comments---especially from one of their saviours Fantuz.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

1) I would Take Browner any day !!!

2) I seen the "Great one" in Vegas at the Bellagio in October .....playin would have to think Janet wasnt far behind placing bets ....

Scott said...

I would love to see DA in green and white.

Anonymous said...

The Riders didn't really want Stevie Baggs back because of his ego. So why would we want either Browner or Anderson?

Scott said...

Ya they really didn't want one of the best DE in the league? Right. If that's what you want to tell yourself you go ahead buddy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Dressler. With him in the lineup last year, the Riders might have won.

Scott, are you a Calgary fan?


Anonymous said...

Cohon has done a good job. I hope this rumour is a false one.

Scott said...

No i'm not Kevin sorry to disappoint you on that one. So I like DA I also like AC and Cahoon for the Als Ownens for TO.