Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks Doc!!

I have been watching baseball for a long time. I have never ever seen someone throw a perfect game or a no-hitter-----until now! Roy Halladay was in control from the first pitch of the day as the Phillies beat the Reds 4-0 to open up the baseball playoffs. There might have been one hard hit ball on the afternoon as Halladay throws the first no-hitter in the playoffs since Don Larsen's perfect game in 1956.

Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood may have thrown the best game I have ever seen when he threw a one hitter in 1998 striking out 20, but this was right up there.

I hope Blue Jays fan even applaud what Halladay did today. All baseball fans should regardless of who they cheer for----well maybe not the Reds.


Anonymous said...

Glad I worked a half day. It only would have been better if Doc was wearing a Jays uni.


Josh Lewis said...

I feel blessed that I got to see him go to work for over 10 years in Toronto.

I'll be rooting for him all the way through Doctober and into November.

Anonymous said...

I missed it darn it. However it was wonderful to read and hear about. Roy Halladay had to leave Toronto. A player like that must be on a National stage on the East Coast so everyone can witness what we saw for 10 years in Canada.

I always said if Halladay stayed in Toronto he would have been Bert Blyeleven. A great Pitcher who put up the numbers, but nobody saw it, and hence the arguement "was he really a Hall of Famer". Blyeleven was on 2 World Series winning teams with good numbers in the playoffs, but nobody watched it. He was with Pittsburgh and Minnesota. He also played for the White Sox, Angels, and Indians. Bad teams in an era without 24 news cycle to pick up his hilights.

This season Halladay in Philly cemented that future HOF'er status. He'll get the Cy Young his second and he's on a short list of guys to do it in both leagues. He's got the perfect game, and the playoff no hitter. Now he's in the same conversation as Randy Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Sorry last point. Tom Verducci on CNNSI who in my opinion is a royal dick. He is stating Halladay is this generation's Koufax now. The point is you have to play in markets where these guys will notice a player like Halladay.

Toronto does not know how to win. A long time ago they did, and they could get the players like Winfield, Cone, Molitor, Morris etc. Winfield was a guy everyone said couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Wrong, great players elevate when they are around other great players, and Winfield stepped up. Halladay is doing that in Philly.