Sunday, October 3, 2010

Riders Clinch Playoff Spot

Its nice to say that with over a month to go before the regular season ends that the Riders have clinched a playoff spot. For the 9th straight year, the team is going to the playoffs after yesterday's solid 27-16 win over the Argos. Here were my thoughts when the final gun sounded.

--That was the best overall game Darian Durant has played since becoming a member of the Riders. He was in control right from the first snap of the game. He got the ball to six different receivers in that first drive and was smart and sharp throughout. While it won't happen every week, that is the Darian Durant Rider fans want to see.

--Jason Clermont still has some football in him.

--Dalton Bell was never given a chance to show the Argos what he could do. He was shackled all afternoon by play-calling that was ultra-conservative. If Toronto wanted to have Cory Boyd touch the ball on seemingly every play, perhaps he should have been quarterbacking.

--From judging the tone of the viewers on the CKRM Roughrider Roundtable that I hosted, it would appear Wes Cates is the new whipping boy now that Rodriguez and Dorsey are gone. I just don't understand it.

--I had no fears that this game was going to go Toronto's way even when they scored a touchdown on their first possession. I feel the same going into next week. Its setting up for what should be a dandy against the Stamps October 17. Speaking of the Stamps, if Henry Burris is still bothered by those photos, he didn't show it against the Alouettes.

Gotta feel for Paul Lapolice. He watched his Bombers lose again last night in a tight one. Winnipeg has now lost six games by four points or less this year. That's a tough pill to swallow, but if LaPo can keep that group together, it will pay off next year. That team isn't as bad as their record indicates.
The people of Kindersley have their hockey team back. The Klippers returned to the West Central Events Centre last night for the first time since being forced to Eston because of a fire that severely damaged the building. If you live in small-town Saskatchewan, you know how important the local rink is. Its a meeting place and its something Kindersley didn't have until last night. The Klippers made it a good night at the end with a win over the Battlefords.
It won't rival the reaction Henry Burris gets whenever he returns to Regina, but how bad will it be for Donovan McNabb in Philly today and really why? McNabb had over a decade of great football with the Eagles. Part of me would like to see McNabb stick it to the Philly faithful, but I can't see that happening.
This is the final day of the baseball season---or is it. The day's results could mean more games tomorrow and maybe Tuesday. Here's the rundown if you want to know.
If you weren't excited about the U of R Rams football team before, you had better get started. Another big win over Alberta last night means this team should be considered a top 5 team in the country when the rankings come out.
The Pats let all that momentum from the Swift Current win Wednesday go down the sink. Back to back bad losses against Edmonton and Saskatoon have the knives getting sharpened again and there's still sixty some games to go.
I have no interest in the Ryder Cup.
Slipping in and out of consciousness as I battle this bug that I and my entire family have is not fun. I thought my throat was bad when I lost my voice at the Esso didn't feel like I had swallowed thumbtacks there. I'm in my mid-40's so surely to god I don't need to get my tonsils taken out do I??
Its time to watch some football. I'm expecting the Seahawks to go to 3-1 today, but I'll be interested in watching Sam Bradford do his thing for the Rams. I think Bradford is going to be good in a couple of seasons---very good.


Gary said...

Mitch, I see you must be feeling better.
I called in to Roughrider Roundtable and made the comment about wanting to see Hugh Charles on the game day roster but in no way was that a knock on Wes. I think Charles is a better running back but Cates is a better blocker and receiver out of the backfeild. This team is playing awesome and getting the W's but we are going to need a ground attack to go all the way though. I understand the import to nonimport ratio ties the coaches hands but I think they have to find a way to make it happen. Lynchs comment about if Chunky Adams wasnt playing we'd be complaining was braindead. Adams is a starter and Charles isn't.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you on Durant. He was outstanding!

What's not to like about the Ryder Cup? I've been glued to it.

Anonymous said...

No interest in the Ryder Cup but all kinds of interest in the WWF.

**shakes his head in disappointment**

Anonymous said...

You want a whipping boy, how be if I give you Jim Daley?

Anonymous said...

Give JC a chance and he comes through. LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Could Rider Fans be Racist?

Anonymous said...

The Rams could be Vanier bound! What do all the McCrystal haters say now?


Anonymous said...

I don't think the people who call into your show represent all Rider fans. Everyone I know loves Wes Cates. And we are Rider fans.

Anonymous said...

The Seahawks are an awful road team...and the Ryder Cup is amazing.