Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don't think I have seen the Riders put in a more putrid display offensively since Danny Barrett coached this team. WTF? When Wes Cates went into the endzone to make it 14-0 in the first quarter, I don't think anyone thought that was it as far as points for this team goes. They were horrid. Cates even told Carm Carteri after the game that no one deserved a game star after that outing. Did they take the Eskimos too lightly? Ken Miller says they didn't, but you know everyone is saying they did today. This was just beyond comprehension. Darian Durant wasn't on the same page as his receivers. His deep balls weren't connecting. He threw 2 bad INT's...I'll give him a pardon on the one that went off Rodriguez's hands. Cates dropped a ball at the end of the game and missed a couple of blocks. It was baffling to watch and it was agonizing to watch. I knew that somehow Edmonton would pull this one out and they did. The thing is they were brutal too. It might have been one of the worst CFL games I have ever seen. If fans were upset after the Calgary loss, I can only imagine what its like after this one. I didn't even listen to Michael Ball and John Lynch because even though I;m sure it was entertaining, I didn't want to hear what some of the mouthbreathers had to say. I'm guessing Rod can't wait for Monday's edition of the Sportscage. Do you think it will be humming? I'm guessing Jamie Nye can't wait either. An effort like that makes the job of sports talk radio hosts SO much easier. It will be interesting to hear what is said when the team lands at the airport.
If there was any good news on Saturday, it was the fact BJ Penn got beat by Frankie Edgar at UFC 118. Edgar dominated the whiny little (rhymes with my first name) that is Penn. It looks good on him. Randy Couture also did a lot for MMA as he sent a message to James Toney and other boxers looking to enter the octagon. Couture destroyed Toney in their much-talked about match as he choked him out three minutes in. He owned Toney almost right from the get-go. I don't even know if Toney got a good punch in.
One other fight of note, Nate Diaz pummelled Marcus Davis. I don't know what was uglier on this Saturday, Davis' face when it was over or the Riders offence.
Brandon Morrow was an outstanding pickup by Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos. If Morrow stays healthy, he might win 15-20 next year. His last month has been a definite break-through moment.
Those that thought Tiger were back are back-tracking. Tiger has shown us that he is no better than everyone else on Tour right now. He has the ability to shoot a low number one day, but it seems he can't back it up with another one. At least not right now.
I hate giving them credit, but I have to when they make good moves. I like the Leafs signing of Clarke McArthur. Slowly, but surely Brian Burke is putting together a good group of gritty forwards.
By looking at the forecast Sunday, are we sure its not going to snow?
The Thunder are home to the Colts at Mosaic on Sunday. Game time is 1. With the Thunder being a threat to perhaps be the PFC champs this year, will this translate into bigger crowds for the team. I'm guessing the weather will keep many away. I've always said that there aren't football fans in this province, just Rider fans. If we were as rabid a football fan as some believe, we would have bigger crowds for the Thunder, the Hilltops, the Huskies, the Rams and high school ball.
Lebanon beat Canada at the World Basketball Championships. Lebanon??? A war-torn country is beating us in basketball. Oy vay! Perhaps our national soccer program isn't the only program that is in need of a complete overhaul or something. Lebanon??!!


Anonymous said...

I don't blame the players as much as the staff. Daley's special teams still suck and Berry's playcalling is dreadful.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Heads have to roll...start with Daley and Dorsey on Special Teams.

Chris in the 634 said...

This game was complete shit. Durrant looked like he had no emotion and his interceptions have to stop now. When your #1 receiver is "no heart" Rodriquez, something is wrong. Daley needs a tonque lashing for his putrid special teams, and Hugh Charles simply needs to be on the roster. He is an offensive threat wasting away. Joel Bell needs to get back on the roster to help our aging and shitty o-line. Sakota couldn't get it done and he was gone in a flash. Dorsey and his inflated contract isn't getting it done. Nice guys finish last coach Miller, do something or we will lose to Winnipeg next week and then the shit will really hit the fan.

Kevin Jesus said...

I'll have to disagree with you when it comes to Huskie Football. The Huskies got just over 4100 fans to a pre-season game and are expecting close to 8000 for their home opener against UBC on September 10th.

The Huskies get great crowds at Griffiths Stadium and have a passionate fan base.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now, Canada just lost to Lithuania in Basketball.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, firings on a 5-3 team. Overreact much?

Anonymous said...

Frankie Edgars beating of BJ Penn eased the anger from the Rider game. Like you, I am not a Penn fan.


Anonymous said...

Mitch I know you write for Riderville so I'm guessing you can't or won't, but will you ask two questions to Coach Miller

1)How much longer until you bench Dominique Dorsey?

2)Is Darian regressing?


Anonymous said...

Huskie football is to Saskatoon what Rider football is to Regina. Other than that, Saskatoon couldn't give a damn about any other of its teams and that includes the Hilltops and Husky hockey teams who are perennial winners. Don't even get me started on the support or lack of it for the Blades. You are a Saskatoon media guy Kevin so you must admit that Saskatoon is a poor sports town when it comes to support. How many of those 8-thousand are students getting in for cheap prices and how many of them are Saskatoon citizens. I would say its 50/50


Kevin Jesus said...

Hey Aaron,

Saskatoon is a bit of an enigma when it comes to sports. There is certainly a love for sport but in this City it's more of "big event" support system.

In other words - people will rally behind big events but just won't completely support local franchises. Of course winning helps...

The Huskies are getting more and more fan support thanks to the tremendous in game experience that David Dube has spearheaded. It really is an "Event" as opposed to just a football game.

As for the Blades... there's no reason why that team shouldn't get 7-8,000 per game. I find a lot of people still use the excuse of the 7 win season from a few years ago (before my time) which I don't understand... the past is the past right?