Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wonder What Grapes Will Say About This?

I was expecting to hear Ron McLean's name in the news Thursday after his latest confrontation with Gary Bettman, but I didn't think I'd hear his name involved in something like this.
The personable host of Hockey Night in Canada saved a man's life Thursday afternoon while having lunch with Don Cherry. Apparently, the two were at their hotel when word came that a man who apparently was thinking of committing suicide had fallen into the Delaware River. Ron quickly grabbed a velvet rope, ran down to the water and helped pull the guy to safety. I guess Ron can add the word hero to that of Canadian broadcast icon. I can't wait to see how this plays out tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear what Cherry has to say. Can you imagine the scene if it had been Grapes doing the saving? By the way, thumbs down to TSN for not mentioning this story. I don't care if McLean is the opposition or not, something of this magnitude deserves a mention. I don't know if Sportsnet mentioned it or not.
I talked about it before Game 1, but I'll mention it again. If you go to, you can play a little game that I've found to be very entertaining. You pick five players and those players accumulate points for you. You can change your players up--except for the captain---at the intermission. Former NHL'er Rich Sutter and Hockey News columnist Adam Proteau are involved so if you are around a computer Friday night, log on and give it a try. Sadly, I won't be doing it Friday because I will be over at the Red Sox home opener against Yorkton, but I'll probably be back for Game 5 on Sunday.
I will be PVR'ing Game 4 and I'm expecting to once again see a pretty good hockey game. I don't know about you, but I've thoroughly enjoyed these finals. I thought Game 1 was great and I had no problem with Game 3. I'm thinking Game 4 will be another hard-hitting, fast-skating affair. I'm also hoping that the templates these two teams have created will be followed by others so that more of the defensive minded hockey we see can be thrown out the window. That may be a bold request, but I'd rather see hockey the way we've seen it then the eye-glazing trap that some teams still try to adhere to.
Bud Selig isn't going to reverse Jim Joyce's terrible decision and allow Armando Galarraga to have a perfect game. The baseball commissioner has hinted though this may force the expansion of instant replay in the sport. I think Selig could have done some very positive public relations for himself by reversing the call. However, human element is a part of baseball and while the decision by Joyce will go down in infamy, it is tough to change it. What would have happened had the Cleveland batter been safe and Joyce had ruled him out thus giving Galarraga the perfect game? What type of fallout would there have been then? One other question about what happened Wednesday night. Why didn't the other umpires get together and let Joyce know he had made the wrong call and give him a chance to reverse it. There was no conference and you usually see the umps get together if a controversial call is made. Not this time though.
Rider rookie camp ends tomorrow, but its obvious there are some guys who are moving on to main camp Sunday. It would also seem as if all quarterbacks will move into main camp as well. After indicating he would get rid of a QB before main camp earlier this week, coach Miller says that won't be the case now. Do you realize that the first home game of the year is a week from Sunday. Its almost upon us. You gotta love it.
As someone who doesn't have a PS3 or an XBox or anything, I'm choked that I can no longer get games like Tiger Woods 11, NHL 10 or World Cup 10 for the PC. I may have to go and get a PS3 before the summer is over.
Is any NFL team going to take a shot at Terrell Owens or not?
Good question by TSN's Jay Onrait. Its the NHL final, but the NBA finals. What's the difference?
The Dan Patrick show had Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and babe extraordinaire Brooklyn Decker shave the beard off one of his lackies after each had gone without a shave for two weeks. Imagine having your whiskers removed by a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? If he reads this, will Rod Pedersen start to grow a beard just to have this stunt repeated on "The Sportscage"?
Have a good weekend. The Red Sox play three games in three days at Currie so hopefully I'll see a lot of you out there.


Anonymous said...

Miss ya on the Cage! You gave everyone a sample of you back on the air and then you left us. Rod and you were outstanding together. Hopefully you get back to being a regular soon.

Anonymous said...

Flyers win again tonight to even things up.
Main camp starts this weekend-YES!
Bud Selig is a clown. He and Bettman make their sport look bad.
If it had been Bettman in the water, McLean would have used that rope to choke him out.
How about "shaving" a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? HUH HUH!!!!
I'm staying home for hockey tonight, but I'll see you at Currie tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully we have seen the last of Mr. Owens

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how dare you take a full-time job! What's wrong with your priorities, Blair?

/sarcasm off