Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will It Be Taylor or Tyler?

I'll get to the NHL draft in a second, but first, I love watching summer storms, but I think I've had enough of it for this year.
I was feeling a little nauseous all day, so I left Capital Ford Lincoln around 3 o'clock. While driving home, I noticed it was dark. I tried to get a nap, but any thought of that was erased when I could hear something pounding against the walls. I went upstairs and I could hardly see out my front window for the rain and hail that were coming down in sheets. It was intense and that's saying it lightly.
I chuckled a little when I looked out and saw some school kids running in the pelting rain wondering A)Why didn't they stay at school and B) Couldn't a parent have picked them up? Little did I know. It didn't take long for the east end to get obliterated by the rains as it was one huge puddle after another. It took the wife over an hour to get home from downtown and even then she had to navigate a path which thanks to road construction wasn't a normal one to get home.
If there was anything good about it, it was A)no water in the basement and B)its rain and not snow.
Safe to say I'll be in front of a television at 5 o'clock this afternoon when the NHL draft begins with the Oilers holding the first overall selection. The debate rages on between whether or not the first pick should be Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Its about 50-50. I don't know if you saw it last night, but TSN ran an outstanding documentary on the Oilers and their thinking going into the draft. There is no doubt that Steve Tambellini, Kevin Lowe and company think they are on the right path with guys like Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson and either Hall or Seguin. Yes, they could use a stud defenceman and a goalie, but they are on their way. I still lean towards Hall after what I saw from him at the World Juniors and the Memorial Cup. No matter who they take, it looks as if they will get a great player. I don't think this is one of those Peyton Manning-Ryan Leaf scenarios. As long as they don't trade the pick, I'll be happy in getting either guy, but again I'd rather have Hall.
I have to admit I was surprised to see Joe Sykes get released by the Riders. Then again, maybe I shouldn't. Sykes came in amidst a lot of hoopla last season. He inquired about the CFL sack record and he was humbled somewhat when he found out he couldn't crack the roster and had to spend the season on the practice roster. Sykes just didn't impress this year either when he had the chance so it was bye-bye on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if anyone else gives him a shot or if his CFL days are done.
One week from tonight I'll be writing about the season opener. Yes, the season is now here. Are you ready? I really wonder what type of reception the Alouettes will get. Games against Montreal don't usually get the Rider Nation into a lathered frenzy. It will this year though. I still don't understand how this game isn't sold out, but I am confident it will be by the time they kick it off.
The best thing about that marathon tennis match at Wimbledon this week was this. They ended the match the way they started it. After it hit a certain point, they didn't do anything to change the rules. Unlike another sport that we all love to watch in the winter time.
If you're not listening to the Sportscage, why not? Rod Pedersen just keeps lining up great show after great show after great show. His choice of a co-host on Wednesdays is a little confusing and the guy he has got doing the MMA report sounds terrible, but take away that and its OK. Rod had Darrell Davis on the show Thursday and the question was asked to Darrell about whether or not Roy Shivers and Danny Barrett belong in the Plaza of Honor. Darrell was adamant that Roy someday go in, but that Danny should not. I could not argue with Darrell's argument for this. If Roy wasn't so stubborn and so loyal to Danny, might he have been the GM of a Grey Cup winning team. I think he would have. Then again, if Kenton Keith doesn't fumble in the Western final deep in BC territory, Danny might have had a chance at being a Grey Cup winner. Yes, a lot of people blame Paul McCallum for the loss that afternoon, but if Keith doesn't fumble in what I think was early in the 4th quarter of that game, the Riders win.
Its just like everyone can talk about the 13th man costing them the Grey Cup, but if there isn't miscommunication between Darian Durant and Andy Fantuz in the 4th quarter allowing for the interception that sparked the Als comeback, the Riders win last year's championship game.
Its another night of High Impact Wrestling in Regina. I wonder what time the red carpet arrival is. I hope Vanstone shows up in a tux this time. I also hope Rex Roberts gets force-fed his cowboy hat. I really do hate that guy's schtick and I don't know why. What a stress-reliever that is. Its pure entertainment both inside and outside the squared circle.
Italy and France are BOTH out of the World Cup. Americans are now talking about their team getting all the way to the semi-finals. What will they do if Ghana beats them Saturday? Brazil and Portugal meet today in a game that will be PVR'ed. It should be soccer at its finest when these two countries go at it. I'm also looking forward to seeing 2nd round matches between Germany and England and Argentina versus Mexico.
Kate Gosselin is being considered for the Bachelorette? Someone please end reality TV! Please!
Remember to get your Lotto Max ticket today. One 50 million and 55 one million dollar prizes.
Did you watch the NBA draft?
Instead of the NBA draft, how about showing us some games from the College World Series.
Mrs. Tiger is apparently going to get 750 million dollars in her divorce settlement. I'm guessing she won't be buying a Lotto Max ticket. That's gotta leave a mark!
You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.


Anonymous said...

I was enthralled with the Oilers documentary. An inside scoop as to what goes on when it comes to making a very tough decision. Both came off very well and Edmonton will win either way. If Tambellini trades the pick, he will be as popular as the French soccer team at home right now. I think the Oilers are on the right track and that they will be a Cup contender in 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Where is wrestling tonight? Victoria Club?
What time?

Anonymous said...

Danny Barrett was a f*** in idiot. Plain and simple! Anyone who tried to convince us that Nealon Greene was a better option than Henry Burris is an imbecile. He was an embarassment. Roy might still be here had he not hired Danny. If Richie would have been the guy, how would history have changed. We'll never know the answer to that, but I'm guessing we would have celebrated a title long before 2007.


Mitchell Blair said...

8 o'clock at the Vic Club. Wear your best white shirt! Cocktails are at 6 I think!

ultimatejc said...

Oil Change was a good watch. And I would have to say that the Oilers will take Hall. He has won everything so far and still has some room to physically mature.

July 1 is going to be nuts in Mosaic. Let's hope the fans keep it classy, and I hope the East siders put a good verbal assault on the Als bench!

Reality TV should be outlawed. Except Jersey Shore, that show is awesome. I typed that with a straight face!!