Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Time Has Come!!

The sky is blue, the birds are chirping and there is an excitement in the air. At least there is at this place....

After three days of rookie camp, main camp for the Saskatchewan Roughriders is underway. Oh yeah, I'll be checking it out later this morning. I hear many are already over at Mosaic to check things out.
I'm sure many were surprised when the first piece of news from camp came out and that was that the Riders had added to their receiving stable. The team gets Obed Cetoute from Toronto for offensive lineman Jonathan St. Pierre. I'm going to need an explanation on this one. St. Pierre was the heir apparent to Jeremy O'Day. Cetoute just goes into that mix of Canadian receivers we had. I knew the team was going to have to trade an o-lineman, but I didn't think it would be St. Pierre.
Speaking of o-linemen, you have to wonder why Calgary hasn't approached the Riders looking for someone. Is it they are scared of who the Riders would want back and they don't want to help strengthen their Western rivals anymore. I think Calgary takes a big step backwards this year because of the o-line problems.
The Red Sox are 4-0 after an 11-7 win over Weyburn on what was another great night to catch a ball game. These kids are smacking the cover of the ball early on. They play Swift Current this afternoon at 2 at Currie. Maybe slide by there after Rider practice if you are looking for something to do. The game also featured what might have been a first in Red Sox history. Late in the game, a streaker hopped over the fence down the right field line and ran across the field before leaving behind the left field fence. I had been sitting with a friend known as "The Dog Faced Gremlin". He had gotten up from his seat to "relieve himself" moments before the streaker did his thing and returned moments after. COINCIDENCE???? I will just leave it at that. I don't think it was the DFG, but I'm not saying it wasn't either!!!
I always ask why the NBA isn't more popular in Canada. I might have my answer. The Lakers and Celtics could have played Game 2 of the NBA Finals Saturday night after opening the best of 7 Thursday. They didn't. Game 2 goes tonight. In fact, I believe the ball gets tipped off at the same time that Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final takes place. Why would the two leagues go head to head with their respective championships. Canadians will be watching hockey, Americans will be watching basketball. Perhaps the two leagues need to have a little summit meeting to discuss things like this.
I sat down and watched the Jays 14 inning win over the Yankees yesterday. That team is very good and they are exciting to watch. I still think the team's fortunes are going to go south, but that pessimism dwindles with each outing I see. If anything, this success bodes well for the future. You take a look at the young arms this team is starting to assemble and they are going to be very good in a couple of years. Shawn Marcum, Ricky Romero, Brett Cecil. Don't forget about Brandon McGowan. You have Kyle Drabek in the system acquired in the Halladay trade and the guy with all the letters on his uniform. Marc something ski. He pitched there last year and looked good.
That's enough. Gotta go camping!!

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Don't forget about Jesse Litsch. Love that picture of MS!