Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thoughts From The PressBox

The Lions beat the Riders 19-17. Who cares! Yeah, the players wearing green aren't happy with the fact they lost, but the bottom line is no points were on the line. It was a great chance to evaluate and that's what happened. Some guys (Byron Bullock) played themselves onto this team, while others (Kent Smith) probably will have a plane ticket home waiting for them very soon.

Here are some random comments...

--You feel a little stupid not going into the stadium wearing green. This is tough to do when you are sitting in the press box, but you do stick out like a sore thumb when on the practice field.

--What is the percentage of fans in the park wearing a jersey? Its over 50 and close to 60. Maybe more.

--While the Rider Nation gets their jerseys with Durant, Dressler, Fantuz, etc on the back, someone obviously sees the brilliance of the writer thus getting "Blair" on the back of his uniform. I don't care if his first or last name is Blair, that's my story and I'm going with it.

--CBC's Glenn Reid upon learning of someone having a Blair jersey. "There's a lot out there with Reed jerseys you know." Uh huh--different spelling.

--Reid again when he overheard me tell Jamie Nye that there are no fans out there with "Nye" on their jersey. Someone with a Kennedy Nkeyasen jersey could just remove some and re-arrange other letters.

--The LP's Rob Vanstone when I inform him of the Blair jersey. "I hate pre-season football."

--Ryan Dinwiddie will be the backup quarterback and those doubting him before may want to give him a chance.

--Weston Dressler is fine.

--Jason Clermont will have a much bigger impact on the offence this year than last

--Don't discount Shomari Williams as a potential starter on the defensive end.

--Assuming Wes Cates is the starting tailback, what does the team do with Hugh Charles?

-- Did anyone notice (besides the fan who twittered me) that Cole Bergquist's name was spelled wrong on his jersey. There was no U.

--Former Rider receiver and current marketing director Steve Mazurak still has an arm as indicated by his late game throw of a ball to one of the refs after a punt was shanked out of bounds. That same ball was batted down by CEO Jim Hopson as he showed the hands of a lineman.

--After BC was called for having too many men on the field, a woman yelled "Been There, Done That". What else can you say?

--There is a gentlemen who sits below the press box who believes the opposition is guilty of either holding on every play run by the other team or no yards on punts. No they are not! You can think that, but they are not. It took this leather-lunged individual just two plays to yell his first HOLD-DING of the year. The over/under has been placed at 95.5 for the year. Jamie Nye did not that no one was sitting around this fan for this game. I'm sure it was just coincidence!

--I still hate "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" and will welcome the day that another tune is played at the end of the 3rd quarter. I would even take some Lady Gaga ahead of that song.

--For the 2nd season in a row, I can no longer buy a big tub of popcorn from the concession stands in the 200 level. This is wrong! I can however buy Western Pizza. This is good!

--Global's Derek Meyers was not wearing magenta socks today like he was yesterday, but he was wearing a magenta vest. Magenta?! C'mon Duke!

--For someone who isn't in the media, my good friend Kelly Remple might get more camera time than some who are on camera daily. He was the sideline guy for the Sasktel Max broadcast. He really should be doing something for High Impact Wrestling on Access. Then again, so should Vanstone and I.

--The only time I drink iced tea is at Rider games in the pressbox. Why?

--How many people are going to tell me its great hearing me back on the radio doing the Cage with Rod? I gotta admit its surprising and somewhat flattering when I do hear that. Its great teaming up with RP and I hope to be back doing it more in the near future.

--I'm still not sold on "male" cheerleaders.

--I can't wait until July 1 to see the atmosphere outside the stadium before the game and the atmosphere inside it during. It will be wild!

--Have a great Monday!


Wild Duck said...

Interesting that you should comment about the guy BELOW the press box that thinks the opposition is guilty of an infraction on every play......ever listen to the Rider PBP guy????

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Didn't get much chance to hear about the game, but it is nice to see which cream is rising to the top. If Smith will be let go, could Reesing be coming back?

I was at the Bomber game yesterday ( I do live south of Winnipeg), and as long as Winnipeg's O line does their job, Buck Pierce is going to eat teams alive.

Anonymous said...

60 percent might be a little low for people wearing jerseys. How about 70? I'm not sure if I saw one person in my section yesterday that wasn't wearing something with the S on it.


Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one that hates the 3rd quarter stretch song.


Anonymous said...

I think I know of the guy you are talking about. If it is the same guy, my dad can't stand him. We've had season tickets in 105 for the last three years and this guy just starts shouting inane crap on every play. I stood up and yelled back at him that teams don't cheat on every play and it shut him up for a quarter. Too bad it didn't shut him up for the game. Its fans like him that make others look bad.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the complete buffoonery with the striped shirts on McCallums 1st qtr FG. It was laughable as they looked at one another to see if it was good.

Mitchell Blair said...

Yes I did see that. We were laughing hard about it upstairs. How could I forget to mention that!

Anonymous said...

There's more than one fan that thinks the other team is guilty of a penalty on every play. You have one under the press box and I have one in Section 39. Yes, there is cheering for your team, but please use common sense.