Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Won't Make Me Popular

There has been a lot of talk surrounding CFL quarterbacks. TSN’s Matt Dunigan certainly didn’t do himself any favours in Saskatchewan by placing Darian Durant 4th amongst Western Division teams. Are you kidding me? Matt has obviously been sniffing the kerosene too much when firing up the old BBQ!

That being said, I am going to rank the quarterbacks 1-10. Yes, a couple of backups will make this list. Leading the way is Anthony Calvillo. What can’t you say about the Montreal quarterback. He isn’t aging any. He just gets better and better and he goes into 2010 as the league’s MVP over the past two seasons. He is one of the best quarterbacks the CFL has ever seen.

2) Henry Burris. I told you I wouldn’t be popular with this blog posting. Say what you will about the Calgary quarterback, but he gets the job done more often than not. Rider fans still hate him for what he did many years ago, but many others respect him because they know what he can do. The Stampeders fortunes rest on Henry’s right arm.

3) Darian Durant. How can I put Durant behind Burris after the way both played last year. Its simple. Burris has proven himself in this league. Durant only has one season under his belt. I think Darian has all the tools to be the CFL’s best quarterback one day, but that time is not now. Perhaps it will be in late November. With the offence he has, Durant should be able to have a better 2010 than he did a 2009 and considering what he did last year, that will be something.

4) Kevin Glenn. The Hamilton quarterback isn’t flashy. The Hamilton quarterback isn’t dynamic. What the Hamilton quarterback is is efficient. Glenn knows what is needed to succeed. I think this might be the year that Montreal gets challenged for first in the East and Glenn will be a big reason why. Why did Winnipeg get rid of him again?

5) Casey Printers. The former CFL MVP showed forms of the quarterback that was the best player in the league a few years ago. After going to the NFL, it took some time for Casey to re-establish himself. He didn’t have the necessary weapons in Hamilton to succeed, but with Geroy Simon and Paris Jackson as targets, he is showing himself to be the Printers of old. Those discounting B.C this year might be in for a shock.

6) Jarious Jackson. Am I the only guy surprised that Jackson is not wearing double blue and playing in Toronto? I really thought it was a given that Jackson would be starting in Toronto and not backing up in B.C. While arm strength doesn’t mean everything in the CFL, Jackson may have the best arm amongst all the QB’s in the league.

7) Ricky Ray. The Edmonton quarterback is in the twilight of his career. While he still has the accuracy, I think he has lost some arm strength. He used to throw the best long ball in the league, but not anymore. Ray needs to have a strong 2010 or it may be time for the Jared Zabransky era to begin.

8) Buck Pierce. If this list was for toughest quarterbacks, Pierce would top the list. When he is on, he is on. Buck’s biggest problem is his health. He could end up like Dunigan and Dickenson. Concussions have gotten the best of him, but Pierce isn’t changing his style any. Winnipeg fans will cringe when he gets hit knowing that next hit could be his last one.

9) Quinton Porter. At one time it looked like the Boston College product was going to get the keys to the Tiger-Cats engine. However, Kevin Glenn came along meaning Porter has to sit and watch. While Glenn is efficient, there might be no better guy coming out of the pen than Porter.

10) Dalton Bell. He’s the best of a bad lot in Toronto and when you’re basically still a rookie, that’s not saying much,

Who are your top 10? Lemme know!
What an honour to be in the Sportscage Wednesday with a living legend and no I'm not talking about Pedersen. In the second hour of the show, we were treated to a visit by the great George Reed. Its not the first time I have spoken face-to-face with George, but when you get a chance to interact with Saskatchewan football royalty you cherish it. During the show, we had a few texts from people who said they never had the chance to see George play, but they knew what type of man he was. That's mom and dad doing their due diligence by telling their kids about the greatness #34 was and still is.
There are days you don't forget. June 17 is one of them. Do you remember where you were June 17, 1994. Chances are you don't until I tell you it was on that date that OJ Simpson was involved in the famous chase with the White Bronco. Was that really 16years ago?
I should have worn my Switzerland jersey to work yesterday. I may have to for their second game. Rod said during the Sportscage he can't stand the vuvuzuelas when he watches on TV. Others said the same thing. It doesn't bother me one bit.
Is there any chance that the forecast could be wrong? It is so many other times.
The US Open starts today. Is Tiger still the story? Only if he is contending please.
The Riders plaza of honor inductees are announced today. How about teams instead of players this year? I can think of three teams that would be great additions.

Paul Henderson says he shouldn't be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sorry Paul, I disagree. You scored the biggest goal in Canadian hockey history and for that you should be enshrined in the Hall. How much different would hockey be in our country had Henderson not scored that dramatic goal in 1972. I was only six at the time, but I still remember being in a front of a TV for that series. I've seen all eight games in later years. It wasn't good hockey compared to what we see now, but back then it was great and its something that truly united our country over the span of that series.
TSN's Darren Dreger says the Oilers are listening to trade offers for the number one overall pick. If Steve Tambellini f's this up and doesn't take Taylor Hall, I will be some kind of pissed. Meanwhile, word is the Flyers may want to peddle Jeff Carter. He would look good in Oiler colours. Would the Flyers want Horcoff in return? How about Patrick O'Sullivan?
Did anyone hear "Scruffy" with Bill Toffan on the WOLF Wednesday afternoon. It would seem as if a lot of people did. If only someone else would have made an appearance. Ahhh maybe that's coming.
Stay dry!


Scott said...

2 glaring bogus rankings in my opinion. Ricky Ray is #3. Top three are Calvillo, Burris, Ray. Have been for 2 strait seasons. Durant is proving he deserves to be there, but I think he is still behind the big 3. I also would move Buck Pierce up just behind Durant, and not too far behind.

Anonymous said...

Do a little research before you make a list like that. Ricky Ray at number seven???? In the twilight of his career??? Considering he is only 30 years old, it's hard to see the league's leading passer from 2009 retiring anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I've got no problem with your top 3, but after that its a little cloudy.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn ahead of Casey Printers?

Anonymous said...

I can't really argue with this. Ricky Ray is on the downslide of his career, but in defence, he hasn't had very good receivers since Tucker left. The arrival of Campbell may make him better.
Its a crime that Jarious Jackson isn't starting for someone. Maybe he will be Ottawa's starting QB.


Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray might want to have a word with you.

Anonymous said...

I would laugh my ass off if Tambellini traded the pick away.

Anonymous said...

lol at where Ray is ranked. Is this a rider site?

Anonymous said...

Switch Glenn and Ray and I agree with you.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray is the most over-rated player in the CFL. The guy is garbage! Yeah, you heard me Eskimo fans. He is junk!