Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rider Cuts

K Ryan Elaschuk
LB Taylor Wallace
OL Jordan (don't confuse me with Kelly) Rempel
OL-Patrick Neufeld
WR-Aaron Waldie
DL-Steve Riddick


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Don't Wallace and Neufeld still have eligibility with the Huskies? If they do that is no surprize. Rempel will probably getting a looksie where a team is short on O linemen.

Anonymous said...

Way off topic I know, but I was listening to your former show tonight. I don't know who the woman was Drew and Jamie were talking to, but they made her sound stupid. Anyhow, it sounded to me as if Drew advocates steroid use. Is he serious?


Mitchell Blair said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you have questions about Drew, please send them towards Jamie Nye or Wray Morrison. As I have stated before, I have not talked to Drew since the night I did my last show with him which was my 2nd to last day. He did not bother to call, e-mail or text as many others did in both markets and I have not spoken to him since that day nor do I think I will unless our paths cross somewhere. I didn't hear the interview so I can't comment, but if he is advocating steroid use, that is his opinion which is what talk radio is all about.

Anonymous said...

Neufeld still has eligibility, but I don't know about Wallace. I think he is done.


Anonymous said...

YOU carried that show for how long and you didn't even get a response from Remenda when you were canned. That tells me what type of man, or lack of one, he is. It just proves Rawlco got rid of the wrong guy. You and Nye would have made a great team, but not as good a team as you and peterson make. You need to make more appearances on the Cage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I asked, I didn't know. No offence taken.


PS: That's pretty low in my books.