Monday, June 7, 2010

Let Another Week Begin

At one time in these Stanley Cup playoffs, the road team was the dominant team. Not anymore. The home team has won the first five games of the final with the Hawks looking extremely impressive in their 7-4 win. Going into the final, I thought Jonathan Toews had the inside track to the Conn Smythe Trophy, but I have to wonder if Chicago wins it Wednesday or Friday whether or not Dustin Byfuglien will get the award. He had four points in last night’s win and has been a key contributor since the Vancouver series.

Speaking of Jonathan Toews, how thrilling must it have been for him to have Michael Jordan wearing his #19 jersey while watching from afar. I would think that would be extremely cool. Chicago hasn’t been this crazy since Jordan was doing his thing for the Bulls. They weren’t ready to explode like this when the White Sox won a few years ago, but if the Hawks take it Wednesday or Friday, that town will celebrate. Of course, its nothing to what will happen when the Cubs win, but my youngest daughter’s kid will likely see that for him or herself when they are senior citizens. SIGGHHHHHH!!!

For those counting, last night was game 118 for Mike Richards. I’m guessing he will be getting some well earned R and R once the season is over.

NBC pulled out the heavyweights for last night’s game as Dan Patrick hosted the proceedings from the United Centre. Those that read this blog daily know I am a huge Dan Patrick fan. Now that Patrick does Sunday Night Football and hockey along with hosting a radio show, I am leaning towards calling Rod Pedersen Canada’s Dan Patrick. I had said he was Canada’s Joe Buck for being so good in two sports, but that might have to change.

As I have said earlier, it made no sense for the NBA finals to go up against the Stanley Cup final. Even by starting a half hour earlier, the NBA game was in its waning moments when the Hawks-Flyers game ended. And they say baseball games are too long.

Quote of the day from Riders coach Ken Miller when asked if Calgary has contacted them about perhaps making a deal involving a Rider o-lineman seeing the Stamps have lost a couple in the last couple of weeks. The response ‘We’re not interested in helping them out at this time”. HA HA HA!

I was so busy watching the quarterbacks today, that I didn’t pay any real attention to Brent Hawkins. Everyone I have spoken to that saw rookie camp says you can pencil his name in at one of the end spots.

Here’s an idea for the first day of the 2011 camp. Have a pancake breakfast outside the stadium with all proceeds going to Kidsport or something. If you have the amount of people showing up for day 1 of camp that you’ve had the past couple of years, do something with it. After all, who doesn’t like pancakes!

As impressed as I have been with the Toronto Blue Jays over the first couple of months of the season, its obvious they need some help in the bullpen when it comes to the 8th and 9th inning. Three losses this week to division rivals in the late innings is not good. Kevin Gregg, Scott Downs and Jason Frasor just won’t cut it. What would it take to pry Trevor Hoffman out of Milwaukee? Baseball’s all time saves leader is no longer the closer in the city beer made famous. What about Kerry Wood in Cleveland or Houston’s Matt Lindstrom.

Besides Vladimir Guerrero, how many players that were on the Expos in their last season in Montreal are still in the majors?

The Red Sox got brought back down to earth in a big hurry Sunday. They were down 4-0 before they could blink and got hammered 14-2 by Swift Current. OUCH! Those aren’t pleasant any time.’s Adam Kimelman has a mock draft in which Warriors d-man Dylan McIlrath goes 16th to Anaheim, teammate Quintin Howden goes to Buffalo with the 20th selection and Pats forward Jordan Weal going #23 to Pittsburgh.

If the LA Kings sent Colton Teubert back to the WHL for his 20 year old season, what could Chad Lang get for him? We might find out.

My six year old daughter was in Saskatoon on the weekend and left her beloved “Funshine Bear” there. Needless to say, I have a very unhappy child. Those that have had a kid who has lost their favourite stuffed animal know of what I speak. The hotel has an APB out for Funshine. I hope he hasn’t escaped. If he has, I’m hoping Toys R Us has another one. A couple of years ago she left Funshine behind at a Dairy Queen after a family ice cream outing. She realized it as she was going to bed so Daddy had to go back to the DQ to see if it was there. The restaurant had just closed and the girl cleaning up wanted nothing to do with me when I went to the window. Luckily, the drive through was still open. I went to talk to the girl at the drive-through when all of a sudden on the counter, there he was. You can imagine the look of joy when I came to the house with some company. Hopefully that happens again.

I see Qu’Appelle had a day yesterday to tell everyone why they should be Riderville. Is my hometown of Indian Head doing anything!

Are your kids pestering you for Justin Bieber tickets? Thankfully, my 15 year old daughter could care less and my six year old doesn’t really know who he is. BLOGGER NOTE: This is hopefully the last time the name Justin Bieber gets mentioned in a blog posting.

We are less than a week from the World Cup of Soccer. I can’t wait.

What exactly is the WWE doing with the Undertaker?

That’s it for me. Have a great Monday.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Which Rider QB was NOT at practice Monday morning?

Anonymous said...

I think its likely that Colten Teubert will be returned to the Kings. LA is well stocked at D. He could also be trade bait.

Undertaker is hurt (broke orbital bone is what i have heard). He is on the shelf until September if i heard correctly.


Anonymous said...

Jordan Weal is good, but he's not a first rounder. I see him going late in 2nd. I can see Teubert back in the WHL as a 20. He won't be a Pat though. Who could use him?