Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOF Class Doesn't Excite Me

Who makes the picks for the Hockey Hall of Fame? Dino Ciccarelli gets in, yet guys like Mike Richter, Pavel Bure(couldn't stand him by the way), and Joe Nieuwendyk don't get in. While those three don't get the nod, perhaps the biggest insult of all was not giving Pat Burns his rightful spot in the Hall and give him a chance to enjoy it instead of giving him the honour once he has passed on. He might not have even made it to this year's ceremony. Its good to see women get their due place in the Hall, but I would have rather seen Hayley Wickenheiser become the first woman to go in. I know she's still playing which hurts her cause, but it would have been fitting. She'll get in there soon.
Let the goaltending carousel begin. I am shocked that the Sharks are going to walk away from Evgeni Nabokov and let him become a free agent. Where does San Jose go now? Do they look to grab a top notch goalie in free agency like Marty Turco? Do they settle for a second tier free agent in Chris Mason or Jose Theodore or do they make a trade for a guy like Tim Thomas? Where does Nabokov end up? I'm going to throw Philly out there and even though he played well this year, I'm throwing Colorado into the mix. How much do you think a team is willing to pay a 35 year old puckstopper.
I don't think there were any surprises amongst the six Rider cuts. Some people had thought Steven Riddick might have an outside shot at being one of the interior defensive linemen, but he didn't make much of an impression with me in the B.C game. Do you think Jordan Rempel ends up in Calgary?
Chris Jericho is going to be a game show host? Say it ain't so Chris.
I love the NFL network and I keep hoping some day I will turn on my TV and see the MLB network.
If its Wednesday, it means I'm in the Cage this afternoon from 4-6 on 620 CKRM. Talk to you then.

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Mike from Vita, MB said...

The "Old Boys Club" finally allowed women into the Hall. Sure it would have been nice for Hayley to be the first, but even Hayley will say Angela James was her inspiration. Boy the coach of the 1998 Womens Olympic team (Whatever her name is) must look like a donkey's back side for cutting james from the 1998 team, the ONLY Canadian women's team NOT to win Gold.

Not sure if anyone watched Sportsnet's Barry Davis interview Charles Barkley. I liked Chuck's line "LeBron James is the Brent Favre of the NBA...I'm sick of both...". I was impressed that Charles is challenging Bosh and LeBron to stay put.