Monday, June 14, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I tuned into Rod, Joe and John on "The Sportscage" Monday afternoon. They dissected the Rider loss as you knew they would and a couple of key questions came up. Questions that I don't think will be answered for a few days yet. One of those questions surrounds Wes Cates. The veteran running back has seen his share of critics grow after a sub-par 2009. Many have wondered where the hard-running Cates that came to this team in 2007 has gone. A shoulder injury certainly hampered his game in 2009 and some now think perhaps the torch should be passed to Hugh Charles. NFL running backs seemingly hit the wall at the age of 30 and with Cates now being 31, some in the Rider Nation think it is time for Charles to get a shot. With Marcus Thigpen also in on the equation, one has to wonder if a trade involving Charles or Cates is coming. B.C could use a running back, but do you think the Riders really want to give up Cates or Charles to a Western rival. I don't know if both men can stay on the roster. This is a decision I'm glad I'm not making.

While that decision is tough, how about at linebacker. The emergence of rookie Byron Bullock means someone is going to have to go. I think Tad Kornegay, Sean Lucas and Barrin Simpson are safe, but how safe are guys like Kye Stewart and Jerrell Freeman. Both of those guys can play. Again, its a decision I'm glad I'm not making.
Did you see the Jays game last night in San Diego. They had an earthquake in the 8th inning. I've never been in an earthquake, but I have friends who have had the earth move from underneath them. They say its cool at first, but then its a little scary. NO KIDDING!
I'm guessing the steroid scandal at the University of Waterloo involving their football team will have heads at all Universities including the U of R and U of S turning. At no time am I suggesting that members of the Rams or Huskies are on steroids, but I'm guessing both Frank McCrystal and Brian Towriss will want to have a chat with their teams to make sure no one is juicing up. Can you imagine the firestorm that would result if what has happened at Waterloo happened in football-mad Saskatchewan!
I've got to go downtown Wednesday to join Rod in the Cage. After hearing the horror stories about getting around the downtown area yesterday because of road changes, do I really want to go? I gotta do it sooner than later. GULP!
Regina is bidding for the 2013 Juno Awards. I missed that!
Hey Regina! You might want to go to Currie Field and check out the Regina Red Sox. They are now 7-1 after pasting Melville 12-2. Weyburn is here Thursday night and it would be great to see a huge crowd there. Mitch McDonald is hitting 600 early on to lead all hitters while American David Fox is batting 486.
Does Mosaic Stadium need the vuvuzuelas that are driving everyone nuts at the World Cup in South Africa. It does sound like bees are buzzing when you watch the games, but it hasn't been bothering me when watching. Others can't stand it and are turning the sound down. People at the games say it is overbearing and even the players are complaining about it. I say if Rider fans can get their hands on them, why not!


Anonymous said...

I think it is Charles' time. Cates needs to show something to the coaching staff or he could be traded or released.
Bullock is a beast. I would not be too comfy with my position if I were Stewart or Freeman. What do you do if R.Williams comes back?

If I were McCrystal and Towriss, there are a handful of players that I would want to be meeting with today.

Anonymous said...

Horror stories? I thought the transition to 2-way streets went pretty well, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Kim K said...

I have a vuvuzuela. I purchased it at a Pats game almost 10 years ago. When they are blown on their own they sound like a moose horn...but hearing them in the thousands you think a swarm of bees are in the stadium. Mind you this morning's game between New Zealand and Slovakia wasn't too bad.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

The CIS should allow the non-offending Waterloo players to transfer to another university, without academic penalty or football eligibility being affected. These players shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few boneheads