Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Patrick Kane didn't get his gold medal in February, but he has a Stanley Cup championship. The Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champs as they beat the Flyers 4-3 in overtime on a goal that only Kane knew had went in. It ends what was a tremendous final and a tremendous playoff. I can only hope the NHL can feed off of this in the off-season and that teams who employ that defensive shell realize how much better the game is when guys are flying around.

Rod Pedersen said on "The Sportscage" Wednesday that there is no better night in sports than the night when the Stanley Cup gets presented. I have a hard time arguing with that. You see the joy, the celebration, the raw emotion. You see grown men acting like kids knowing they have finally won the trophy they have dreamed out. Watching guys like Kane, Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, etc. etc and the look in their eyes on that night reminded me of the Oilers first Stanley Cup win and the look in the young eyes of guys like Messier, Coffey and Gretzky. Like those Oiler teams, this Chicago team isn't going away anytime soon

CBC does a tremendous job in covering the post-game festivities and they did it again last nite. However, I gotta give credit to NBC. They allowed Americans to see the celebration and get comments from the winning side. I thought it might be Bettman presents trophy and good night everyone, but it wasn't. By the way, I have to relay a tweet from Around the Horn host Tony Reali. He says a tradition like any other---Bettman gets booed. HA HA!!

Looking at Jonathan Toews, I have to wonder if he will shave off his playoff beard. Being in Pennsylvania, I'm sure he could find work on an Amish farm. That thing was hideous. Then again, there was a lot of bad facial foliage.

Do you think Brian Burke and Ron Wilson are wishing Dustin Byfuglien had been wearing a USA sweater at the Olympics?

Duncan Keith gets the award for best post-game interview. That was outstanding!
On a night where the Hawks ascend to hockey's throne for the first time in a long time, we can not forget about the news eminating out of Riderville today as we found out that they made a whole whack of money in 2009. How about 3.14 million dollars. I joked on the Cage today that Jim Hopson must be smiling from ear-to-ear as he sits on a great big pile of money. I saw Jim on Wednesday and like always he was grinning. Why wouldn't he be? Why would he want to retire when he is operating the gold mine that is the Riders. A 3.14 million dollar profit, merchandise sales of over 7 million and a team that shows no signs of taking a downward turn anytime is a pretty good combination if you ask me. I had to laugh when Rod and I asked the Rider Nation how many items they have with the /=S=/ on it and the answers came piling in with some people saying they have multiple jerseys, hats, toques, etc. etc. It doesn't surprise me one bit. It would to some people, but not me.
Rider head coach Ken Miller was predictably asked about his quarterbacks at practice Wednesday. He doesn't know what the rotation will be for Sunday's game against B.C. I asked today on the Cage if Darian Durant really needs to play. This would be a great opportunity for Cole Bergquist, Ryan Dinwiddie and Kent Smith to see action with Durant getting a majority of the work next week. Its not a criticism of Coach Miller, but we know Durant is the guy so lets see who steps up in the battle for the backup.
The US media is abuzz over the changes in college athletics with powerhouse conferences like the Big 10 swallowing up other schools thus dismantling other conferences. Its good for football, but I don't know how good it is for basketball and other sports. Only time will tell.
As I end this, I can now say that in my lifetime I have seen the Hawks, Bulls, White Sox and Bears win championships for the city of Chicago. That leaves just one team----maybe now is the time for Steve Bartman to come out of hiding and join in a celebration. Damn you Bartman!!! SIGHHHHHH!!!!
If you are a Hawks fan and this is the first championship you've experienced, congratulations! Its a special feeling!
I'm guessing the Stanley Cup won't be visiting Regina this year. It'll be here in the summer of 2011 when Jordan Eberle brings it home. What??!! A new year starts now!!!!


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Three Chi-Hex's down; ONE to go!! Have faith will be exorcised in our lifetime!!

Gord said...

So the Cubs have not won, it could be worse the Leafs could have won the cup. O wait like that will ever happen again. Rememeber Leaf fans, who has the longest streak now. Lets start the chant 67,67,67.

Anonymous said...

That goal was so eerily similar to the Olympic winner, but you're right, I'm glad Kane didn't do that in February.

The Riders financial situation is something I thought I would never see. Isn't this the same team that had tickethons? I sometimes wonder if Hopson should take his act to Toronto and work for the CFL.

If Eberle is bringing the Stanley Cup back to Regina in the summer of 2011, what players are Pittsburgh going to send to Edmonton? :)


Anonymous said...

The 7 million dollar figure is unbelievable to many outside of Saskatchewan, but not those inside it. That bit on the Cage yesterday just made me laugh because so many people have so many items. Its part of who we are. I have two jerseys, three hats, two golf shirts, a licence plate and god knows what else kicking around my house.
The sad thing is you were right when you told Rod about the money wasted because of the Grey Cup debacle. That figure would have easily hit 8 and come close to 9 had they won.
I love hearing you back on the radio talking sports. Having you paired with Rod is outstanding and something that I wished would have happened years ago.

Dustin (in the 693)

Anonymous said...

If Byfulin had played for the US in Vancouver, it might have been a different result. Once he got rolling, Chicago was unstoppable.