Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worth The Wait

It took a while longer than they thought it would, but the Pats went into Swift Current and beat the Broncos 5-2 to move closer to 9th place in the WHL East standings. Regina led the game 2-1 after two periods, but a power failure hit during the intermission causing a one hour delay.
It looked as if the game was going to be called, but 10 minutes before the deadline, the lights went back on and it was game on. Goals by Cody Carlson and Carter Ashton(who's been a pretty nice addition) after Swift had made it 3-2 gave Regina the win. They are now three back of the Broncos and six back of 8th place Red Deer with P-A and the Warriors one ahead of the Rebels.

In Prince Albert, the Raiders beat the Kootenay Ice 5-2. Kootenay had a 14 game winning streak coming in. They will be at the Brandt Center tonight in a 6 o'clock start. (I'm guessing that's weather permitting)
I say weather permitting because as of writing this, the Pats are apparently still in Swift Current having stayed the night there. Road conditions are crap, it is snowing and blowing and there really is no reason to be on the road---both city and highway today. I'm guessing the Ice aren't in Regina yet and with Regina not being here, it might be wise to call this one for 24 hours. Then again, I don't know if the Brandt Centre is booked Monday and what time both teams are expected in. RP will keep you updated on his blog----unless he drowned. Check out his blog for explanation of that statement if you haven't already.
The NFL's final four is today meaning I'm bolted to the couch. Jets-Colts, Saints-Vikings. Can the Jets keep the Cinderella story going. Of course they can. Its funny to hear everyone in the U-S when talking about this game. After New York had upset San Diego, no one was giving the Jets a chance. As the week went on, some started changing their tune and now many believe the Jets can move on to the Super Bowl. It was the Jets who ended Indy's perfect season a few weeks ago and I guarantee you that Indy never thought they would see that team again. In that game, the Jets were down 5 when the Colts pulled their starters. The pressure is on the shoulders of the guy with the horseshoes. Are we going to see an upset? I doubt it, but it will be a good game.
I will say that if the Jets do win, it will make for a good Super Bowl when it comes to quotes thanks to their coach Rex Ryan. Some have questioned this man because of the statements he has made over the past few weeks. Why? Sports needs more coaches like Rex Ryan. Coaches who aren't afraid to speak their mind and avoid all those cliches that sports writers and broadcasters are tired of. Ryan provides that soundbite, he provides that quote. You never know what he is going to say. He isn't as explosive as John Tortorella, but he is the NFL's equivalent. Then again, I don't know if Ryan has a feud going with any New York sportswriters like Tortorella has with Larry Brooks.

As for New Orleans and Minnesota, I think this will be a classic and it will be a case of what team makes the big play in the 4th quarter. Don't be surprised to see this one come right down to the last play. With Brees and Brett guiding two explosive offences, make sure the trip to the fridge or the can isn't a long one or you might miss something.
There is a long ways to go in the NHL season, but Canuck fans have to like the way their team is playing. They looked great in beating Chicago last night. San Jose won their 5th straight beating Buffalo but I just can't buy the Sharks after their playoff meltdowns the last few years. I still think they will fall because they don't have what it takes come playoff time---that and many of their players are Olympic bound meaning they don't get a rest.
My driveway was nice and clean after shovelling yesterday. That was yesterday!! GRRRRR!!!! Conditions are a lot more miserable today. Do I really want to get out there again? SIGHHHHH!!! Then again, just getting off my street again might be a tough task. It is horrible! It appears as if the City of Regina's snow clearing plan for residential streets this year is once again wait for April and it will improve. My street is terrible and one of the entrances to my street is so rutted and so bad that I'm sure there are roads in Afghanistan that are in better shape even after they've been bombed out. YEESH!
Its something that is a long time overdue. A story in the Calgary Sun today says famed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy is planning a trip to Alberta this summer. The stop---a comic book convention in Calgary. However, he is also planning to make a trip to Vulcan. How can Nimoy have not already visited Vulcan?
Enjoy the football games! If you are a fan of one of the four teams, especially the Jets, Saints and Vikings, this is territory that some of you have never seen or not seen for a long time. A friend of mine (Vikings fan) told me the other day, you must have loved this win or lose when the Seahawks made their run because it was non-stop talk about your team. It was. Of course those Viking fans might be happier if the NFL Network quit showing Minny's last appearance in a conference final----that being the infamous Gary Anderson missed field goal that turned a certain Super Bowl appearance into a monumental upset.


Anonymous said...

How 'bout those Sedins.

I'm spending my third winter in Lakeridge Mitch, and last week we had out street cleared for the first time since I've been here. Why...Counciller Szarka! Number 33 in your program, Ward 10 in our hearts!

You've got it wrong about the Vikings last NFC championship game was the MORTEN Anderson game, and I'll watch highlights of that with the same smile Ottawa fans get from the 1976 Tony Gabriel highlight.


Anonymous said...

Your street hasn't been plowed. Join the many other Reginans who can say that. Regina's snow removal plan is a complete and utter joke. I haven't seen a plow on my street for at least three years. You seem to be right on the citys plan being wait for April.

If the Vikings win today, it will be two weeks of Brett Favre, Brett Favre, Brett Favre and yes, Brett Favre. GO SAINTS!!


Anonymous said...

Why should your street be plowed, the city can not even handle keeping the main streets in proper order. Its snowing this weekend we better give everyone the weekend off. As for Szarka he is new and he will soon become as useless as our punch drunk mayor and the rest of city council.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day to watch football and stay inside. There is no way the Pats will play tonight. Kootenay has to get here from PA and with the Pats coming in from Swift, I can't see it being played. If they do, it might be in front of 500 people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Counciller Szarka I live in Ward 10 and my street hasn't been cleared and I can barely get my small car around on these horrible streets. So I don't know what the hell that other guy was talking about. Unless you live on a bus route good luck, you won't see the snow plows doing residential until March.

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. Hope they beat Indy