Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thumbs Up To Cohon

I think CFL commissioner Marc Cohon is the best commissioner amongst the major leagues that Canadians watch. There's no doubt that he's better at his post than what Gary Bettman and Bud Selig are at theirs and I think he has a firmer grasp on his sport than David Stern and Roger Goodell.
Cohon gets it. He understands. He knows his product is fan-friendly and he wants the fans to help him produce the product that is his league each and every week.
Once again, Cohon is asking all of us how we can improve the game. His focus is overtime. Does it need to be changed and if so, how?
The CFL's overtime format is better than that of the NFL and the NCAA. If there was one thing I would do to tweak it though it would be this. Instead of scrimmaging the ball at the oppositions 35 yard line, I would like to see teams take the ball at their own 45 or 35. I think a team needs to record a couple of first downs before attempting a field goal instead of running it into the line twice if they so choose before kicking a 40 yard field goal.

Wouldn't it be nice if other commissioners would listen to the fans? We could tell Bud Selig if we want the designated hitter in both leagues or if the DH should be scrapped. We could tell Gary Bettman how to improve his game(suggestions way too many to write down), the same goes for Stern and Goodell. Cohon knows the fans are the key to his league and he wants them to be happy with the game they watch every week. Why can't the others be like this!
What is it with Patrick Kane and vehicles that aren't his own? There was the heavily publicized incident involving the Blackhawks forward and the cab driver in Buffalo during the off-season, now pictures have surfaced of him not wearing a shirt in a limo with two girls in Vancouver. This won't end with an apology, but should the Blackhawks be concerned about the behaviour of their young superstar. His game isn't being affected any, at least it doesn't seem to be. He doesn't appear to have done anything wrong in this situation. Do we chalk this up to Kane being a 21 year old? I think that's where I'm going to leave it unless we hear what was going on inside the limo and whether or not Kane has some problems relating to the incident. The other question that has to be asked is who is leaking these pictures to the Vancouver media. Someone obviously had some ill-fated intentions when they brought the camera out.
Are we going to see Chris Jericho on WWE TV anytime soon. Seems as if the pride of Winnipeg had a little too much the other night after a house show in Cincinnati. He took a cab with Matt Hardy and Greg "The Hurricane" Helms when a fight broke out. Hardy took off, but Jericho and Helms were arrested at a gas station and booked on charges of public intoxication. I wonder how Vince will react to this. Could Jericho miss the Royal Rumble or have a short afternoon and get eliminated early. Rumours persist that Jericho could be winning a belt at Wrestlemania. This may alter those plans. I don't know about you, but I love Jericho's shtick. He's one of the best guys out there with a mike in his hands.
Should we start taking notice of the Toronto Raptors? This team seems to be a playoff team and they are playing quite well over the past few weeks. It seems to me that Saskatchewan isn't a basketball province (which is odd considering the great basketball programs at both the U of R and U of S and the programs that Regina and Saskatoon have for up and coming players) and that not many care about the NBA or the Raptors. TSN is starting to give the Raptors more and more air time. The Leafs aren't going to get replaced by the Raptors on TSN but as both the NHL and NBA seasons start to wind down, don't be surprised if the NBA gets its fair share if not more of time on Sportscenter.
Graham DeLaet continues to impress. Playing for the 3rd week in a row in this his first year on the PGA Tour, DeLaet fired a two under 70 on the much tougher South course at the Torrey Pines layout near San Diego in the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open. He is six back of the leader and gets a chance to play on the easier North course today before heading back to the South course for the weekend if he should make the cut.
Good for Josh Harding. The former Pats goalie gets the shutout as his Minnesota Wild beat the Avalanche 1-0. You know that I think Harding's talent is wasted in the Twin Cities as he sits behind Nick Backstrom. I would love to see Harding get traded to a team where he can be a starter. Yes, he could wear Oiler colours.
If I ask you who Dustin Diamond is, do you know? Those that remember the 80's TV show "Saved By The Bell" knows that Diamond played the geeky "Screech". Yes, he could do nothing but watch friends Zack and Slater get it on with Kelly Kapowski (the oh so gorgeous Tiffani Amber Thiessen) and Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls fame)whatever her last name was. Well, if Screech's book is any indication, it would seem as if sex and drugs ran rampant on the set of the show. Take a read.....

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As you head into Friday, I leave you with this.....

Always borrow money from a pessimist. They don't expect to be paid back.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but it would be an injustice if I didn't provide this information. Elizabeth Berkley played the character of "Jesse Spano". That was her last name.....sad that I know this I know.


Anonymous said...

While I like the idea of scrimmaging the ball further back, I think the idea is to get the game over quickly because of TV, fans already being in the stands, etc. etc. If a team tries a field goal and misses, they should not get a single point. This might begin the eradication of the rouge altogether. When it comes to 2nd possession, both teams must go for two points if they score a touchdown and they should add a 3rd with the home team getting the choice of ball or defence. That's my two cents!

I hate to admit this, but I've started watching more of the NBA this year than the NHL. There seems to be an NBA game on every night. I'm more of a Suns fan (Steve Nash) than a Raptors fan, but at least Toronto fans can cheer for one team that is playoff bound.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, like you weren't going to convince me that the Saved by the Bell kids weren't exploring one another during their time on the set. Who didn't want 15 minutes in the closet with Kelly Kapowski all those years ago HA HA! Besides Mario Lopez who now hosts one of those entertainment programs, are any of those others even on TV anymore?

Cohon is the best commissioner out of all of them. Fans are what make the game. If fans don't show up, you can't be successful. Cohon knows that and understands that. Now if he can just create a rule saying 13 men are allowed on the field during a possible game winning field goal. SIGGHHHHH!!!!