Monday, January 4, 2010

Riders Statement On Tillman

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club has released the following statement in regards to this morning’s court proceedings involving General Manager/ Vice President of Football Operations Eric Tillman:

In light of the events that have taken place this morning affecting General Manager of the Club, Eric Tillman, President/CEO Jim Hopson has asked that a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the Club be held as soon as reasonably possible to consider all relevant aspects of this new development.

Pending resolution of this matter, the Club and Mr. Tillman have agreed that he should step back and he will not have any responsibilities for the day to day operations of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.

While an early resolution is desirable for all concerned, no further statement will be made until the Club has completed its deliberations on this development.


Anonymous said...

While I think "dry-humping" a 16 year old isn't really a sexual assault, the courts deem it be one and Eric has pleaded guilty. Good on him for doing so and sparing this girl from having to testify. Sadly, he can't continue in his position. I also wonder if deep down he really wants to stay here because of everything that has been said over the past year.
He will end up in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

I think Tillman is done in Saskatchewan.

He plead guilty.

If he's not let go, the supposed "Code of Conduct" the riders have talked about will mean nothing.

Hello Brendan Taman.

Rusty from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

In Saskatchewan, the court of public opinion always wins. Sadly, the public has convicted him as being a monster and will ultimately fire him.

What should happen is that tomorrow the judge will impose an absolute discharge and Mr. Tillman goes back to work for the Riders and everyone moves on.

But, what should happen and what actually does happen in Saskatchewan never equals each other.


ed said...

How can you say "dry-humping" a 16 year old girl "isn't really a sexual assault". And one last thing I like Tillman but no not good on him for pleading guilty. And sparing this girl from having to testify. If it wasn't for Tillman in the first place this girl wound not be in this position.

What's wrong with people how does Tillman come out looking the good guy here?

Anonymous said...

Those who talk stupid about keeping him obviously don't have children, and I'll guarantee they don't have daughters. So much for him "clearing my good name" as he's plead guilty to sexually assaulting a child. He can pack his bags now, and get the f out of here.