Friday, January 22, 2010

Pats Keep Playoffs In Sight

They are not making it easy, but the Pats are winning and that's the main thing. After falling behind early 2-0, the home side responded Friday night to come back and beat the Swift Current Broncos 6-5 in a shootout. Goals by two of the newest Pats--Mitch McColm and Cass Mappin in the 3rd tied it as Regina gained a measure of revenge for losing to Swift Current at the Brandt Center last Saturday night after being up 3-0.
I had to question the decision of Bronco coach Mark Lamb to start Mark Friesen in goal. Friesen was in net last Saturday when the Pats jumped out to their 3-0 lead. After that 3rd goal, Lamb removed Friesen for Morgan Clark and he barred the door. However, Lamb went right back to Friesen for this one. I would have given the Clark the start.

The result leaves Regina five back of the 9th place Broncos with the 8th place Red Deer Rebels six back. The two teams will meet in Swift Current Saturday night---that is if the weather allows them to. Yes, after a relatively warm January Mother Nature has decided to visit us with a wallop this weekend as we are supposed to get a helluva lot of snow. Where's that shovel again?
Did you watch any of the concerts for Haitian earthquake relief? It was weird seeing performers like Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera and Sting do their thing without any applause or anything. Hollywood certainly brought out the heavyweights for the two hour show as people like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks were answering phones. We also got a chance to see Brad Pitt looking like a homeless person. C'mon Brad, shape up a little. The Canadian concert paled in comparison, but what can you expect? It was cool seeing people from the 3 Canadian TV networks getting together, but having people like MuchMusic's Devon Soltendieck and Hockey Night in Canada's P-J Stock standing in behind Cheryl Hickey, George Stromboulopoulos and Ben Mulroney having this "I'm totally serious" look on their face was a little much. Whatever you thought about it, the bottom line is that Canada and North America came through with money that the Haitians need as they start to rebuild and recover from the devastating earthquake that has torn the nation apart.
Reginans, do you remember Captain Scott's fish and chips? I used to love that place. The food was outstanding. I know Regina has a couple of Joey's outlets, but I would love to have some place like Captain Scott's around. A place that was just fish and chips. There isn't a place like that anymore around here is there? If so, its one of those neighbourhood diamonds in the rough that only those in the immediate area know about.
I'm guessing NBC executives were smiling once "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" had signed off for the last time. Conan pulled no punches in taking shots at the Peacock network over the last couple of weeks and deservedly so. NBC botched this situation up entirely. I'm thinking Conan will be on Letterman in the not too distant future and I'm thinking you will see him on FOX belittling NBC very soon as well. If you get a chance, see if you can find the segment involving Conan and Steve Carell posing as an NBC employee during an exit interview with Conan.
As you head into the weekend, remember this....

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph


Anonymous said...

Captain Scotts did have the best f and c. There was never any comparison. You got it wrapped up in the brown paper, you had the chance to season the fries and soak them in vinegar before they wrapped it. It was great! Joey's doesn't even come close. If there is some place like Capt Scotts in Regina anymore, I don't know about it.


Anonymous said...

The Canadian concert was lame. All the hosts did was joke about being on other networks. YAWWWWNNNN!!!