Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6-5 And Canadian Hockey

What is it with the score 6-5 when it comes to great games involving Team Canada win or lose.

1. 1972 Summit Series-Paul Henderson scores in Game 8--the final 6-5
2. 1987 Canada Cup-Mario Lemieux scores in Game 3--the final 6-5. Ironically, the first two games in that best of three final also ended 6-5
3. 2009 World Juniors --Eberle's goal in the final seconds sends Canada to a 6-5 shootout win over Russia as they win their 5th straight gold at the event
4. 2010 World Juniors-John Carlson's overtime goal gives the US a 6-5 win over Canada to give them the title ending Canada's reign.

Have I forgotten any other memorable 6-5 games involving Team Canada?


Anonymous said...

What was the score the year Canada beat the U-S with all the shootout goals by Toews? Wasn't that 6-5 too?

Mitchell Blair said...

It might have been 6-5 in the shootout, but the actual final of that game was 2-1 Canada.

Anonymous said...

I think my Leafs won a game once. I think the score was 6-5