Monday, November 23, 2009

Who Is The Rider Quarterback?

As I was watching Monday Night Football, I had to rewind my PVR early on because I thought my ears were deceiving me. During the first quarter of the game, TSN ran an ad promoting Sunday's big game with it being a showdown between Montreal's Anthony Calvillo and Saskatchewan's Kevin Durant. Who? In the words of Keyshawn Johnson, CMON MAN!!!

This is embarassing. The official broadcaster of the CFL is running an ad in which they can't even get the name of the starting quarterback right. That's another slap in the face to DARIAN and its something that could prove to be a motivator.

Someone at TSN has some explaining to do. Actually, there would be a few. How many times did the original copy get looked at before that script went to whoever to voice. TSN does a great job in covering the CFL and they are going to do a great job in bringing everything into your living room from Calgary this week, but this is a major league faux-pas. Just to recap.

This is Darian Durant. He is the quarterback of the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders.

This is Kevin Durant. He plays for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder.

This is Elisha Cuthbert who will be the grand marshal of the Grey Cup parade. I just wanted to throw this picture in for the heck of it. I also couldn't think of another Durant besides Darian's brother Justin who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Anonymous said...

I just saw it. BRUTAL! You would think someone would have pointed out the error to them by now.


mongo said...

how about JIMMY durantE lol...

Anonymous said...

I think it's an eastern-based conspiracy, aimed at helping the Montreal Alouettes.

That, or TSN hires the same quality of copywriters that Regina radio stations do!