Monday, November 30, 2009

Should Keith Ballard Be Suspended??

I don't know about you, but I think Florida defenceman Keith Ballard should be facing a big-time suspension for his act Monday night against the Thrashers. The problem is this incident involved his own goalie. Take a look....

If Keith Ballard did that to any other player in the NHL not wearing a uniform like his, he would be gone for a long, long time. Can the league act on something like this? Will the league act on something like this? Will the Panthers act on something like this. I don't even know how Ballard can look at his team-mates after this and what does he say to Tomas Vokoun. YIKES!
15 hundred strong were at Mosaic Stadium to welcome home the Riders today. It looked like many of them didn't really want to face the crowd as they still come to grips with Sunday's devastating defeat. I can't really blame them. Darian Durant said the welcome home was therapeutic, but you have to think it will take a long time before this team gets over what happened in Calgary. Its still eating away at Ken Miller and that was very evident in speaking to him on Monday. I hope for Kenny's sake that he doesn't let this gnaw at him for a long time. He had nothing to do with what happened in the game's final moments. He was one play away from having many people throwing tributes at his feet for the job they had done not only on Sunday, but all season long. While this game will haunt him for a long time, he has to know this team has what it takes to be back in the Grey Cup next year, but for many years in the future. I don't know how you forget something like what happened Sunday night, but it will just make the celebration that much sweeter if the Riders can get the Cup in their hands next year.
By the way, TSN is now saying Sean Lucas was the "mystery" 13th man. So now the blame has gone from Jason Armstead to Adam Nicolson to Lucas. As I've said in an earlier post, I don't care who it was and it was just one of many plays in what was a disastrous last half of the 4th quarter. Identifying the guilty culprit wouldn't do anyone any good right now. If that player wants to identify himself so be it, if he doesn't, he doesn't.
The sign at the Superdome said it all last night as the Saints were on their way to dissecting the Patriots. The sign said "respect earned". A lot of people said yeah New Orleans is 10-0, but let's see what they do against New England. A national TV audience saw what they can do. Drew Brees and the Saints basically pulverized Brady and the Patriots as he throws 5 TD passes in a 38-17 rout over New England. Can the Saints go 16-0? I don't think so, but I think right now this team has become the favourite to win the Super Bowl if they weren't before.
The world is starting to realize that Tiger got beat up by his wife. This story is not going away until he sits and front of some cameras and tells us what went on. The sooner, the better!
Message to frequent blog poster Mike. Mike, I do have an answer for your query, but I need a way to contact you. Please pass that along! You may not like the answer, but you have asked the question so I will answer it. Thanks!


mongo said...

that ballard video is unfreakinbelievable...and the fact that ballard just skated away is amazing...good on the thrashers especially ilya kovalchuk for showing compassion...

still begs the question...if an incident happens in an NHL city south of st. louis does anyone heard about it???

ed said...

I don't care if he is wearing the same jersey or not my god people lose there mind whenever Tiger farts. Ballard could have killed him he should be suspended for no less then 20 games.

Anonymous said...

This makes the Brashear and Bertuzzi incidents look tame. What's worse is Ballard seemingly shows no regret. WTF? If the NHL doesn't do anything, the Panthers should. That was ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Ballard:
Don't worry about breaking any more hockey sticks over a post or your teammates noggin. You are suspended for the rest of this season. Your actions while heinous enough were made more so by the fact that you swung the stick again to break it and then did not do anything while your goaltender laid on the ice unconscious and bleeding. What a callous move. You sir are an embarassment to hockey.

Gary Bettman