Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rider News

The team was practicing for the first time since Saturday's season-ending win today. It was good to see them in pads doing their thing as there was no lollygagging or sense of taking it easy.

For nine members of the club, they found out they are CFL West all-stars. The nine are Darian Durant, Weston Dressler, Gene Makowsky and Jeremy O'Day on offence with John Chick, Stevie Baggs, Tad Kornegay, Sean Lucas and Lance Frazier making it on the defensive side of the ball. The nine were the most of any of the Western teams. Calgary had eight, B.C. seven and Edmonton three. In the East, Montreal led the way with 17 players selected. Here's the complete list....

The nine all-stars prompted I believe Rob Vanstone to ask Coach Miller about what having nine all-stars could do to the team's cap because of bonuses that have to be paid out. Without hesitating, the coach responded "That's someone else's problem!"

Andy Fantuz was also named the league's top Canadian in October.


Anonymous said...

Durant beats out Burris and Ray. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Does this end the what will we do without Mo Lloyd campaign? I hope so!

peter dalla riva