Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off To The Cup

If you were there, you won't forget it for a long, long time. The Riders are off to the Grey Cup and unlike the 2007 Western final or any other Grey Cup appearance of recent note, they get there by doing it in front of their own fans.

It was some kind of loud on the field as the fireworks went off and the cheers of a sold out crowd rained down on the Mosaic turf saluting their Western Division champs. The Riders were full marks for their 27-17 win. They left no doubt as to the better team was. It was a slow start for the home side and I think they needed a quarter to shake off the rust, but once Darian Durant got his game back it was advantage Riders.
The play of the game as far as I was concerned was the 2nd half kick return by Jason Armstead. The Riders had momentum going into the 2nd half thanks to their 2nd quarter play and the Armstead play only fuelled that momentum even more. When Durant hit Fantuz to give the Riders a lead they wouldn't give up, it was game over. I have to admit I had some anxious moments after Luca Congi had his field goal blocked in the 4th quarter. That kick would have been the dagger, but it kept Calgary alive and Henry Burris started marching his team downfield. It had me wondering in the back of my mind if there was a comeback, but you know there wasn't.
So its off to Calgary next week and the 97th Grey Cup. The Montreal Alouettes will provide the opposition. They were 15-3 in the regular season. They don't have any weaknesses. My early thoughts is this game will rest on the shoulders of the team's talented bookends on the defensive line. If John Chick and Stevie Baggs can have a better game than Anwar Stewart and Jon Bowman then Saskatchewan wins. If its the other way around, its game, set, match to Montreal. The o-lines will be under the gun. I would have to say Montreal has a more talented offensive line. but the gap is not a wide one. In a one game showdown, you just never know.
I didn't see a lot of NFL action today for obvious reasons, but what shoots out at me is this.
--Its ironic the Detroit-Cleveland game may have been the most exciting one of the day
--The Patriots didn't self-destruct after losing to the Colts
--The Broncos may not win again this season after starting 6-0
--The Seahawks secondary is brutal
--How can Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh twice and lose to the Raiders?
Its going to be a wild week Saskatchewan. Enjoy it!

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