Monday, November 2, 2009

Mike, Mike, Mike/Best And Worst of The Weekend

Bombers coach Mike Kelly has let his abrasive demeanour take over again. Take a read as to what he did yesterday following Winnipeg's loss to the Alouettes.

Another busy weekend in sports. What was your best moment? What was your worst? Feel free to let me know.


Anonymous said...

Best-The Titans finally win!!

Worst-Getting a home playoff game because of the Stampeders. YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Worst-Favre pulling off another vintage performance at Lambeau. I love that guy but not when he's wearing purple!!


Anonymous said...

Mike Kelly curses and Ken Miller talks about players playing their "fannies" off. At least one coach has some fire in his belly.

Ryan said...

Best: Hearing the final whistle in the Rider game, which leads us to the worst....
Worst the previous 59 minutes and 59 seconds of the Rider game.