Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Message For the Riders Communications Trio

To Ryan Whippler, Sheri Trapp and Reid Lambden(otherwise known as the best in the biz):

I realize you are very busy with the many things you do on a daily basis to accomodate the needs of the media who need a few seconds with the football team that you work for. The three of you do an excellent job(although your decision to have a certain someone write for Riderville is still questioned by many including this blogger), but I do have one request for you as the big game draws near. Can you please go by a dollar store or something and buy one of those "Hello, my name is" stickers and give it to your quarterback so he can write his name on it so that everyone knows who he is.

It wasn't funny when Milt Stegall didn't know who he was before the game in Toronto this year. It was slightly humourous when TSN's Claude Feig referred to him as "Kevin" in that game. The TSN ads saying Kevin promoting Sunday's game is a huge slap in the face and now Als coach Marc Trestman is referring to him as "Damien". This is ridiculous. If its a motivator, so be it, but the lack of respect "Darian" is getting is starting to become a little nauseating. Thank you and stay away from Cowboys during your trip. See you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

When Darian is hoisting the GC over his head on Sunday, everyone will know his name. I hope he uses all of this as a motivator.


Anonymous said...

Nice post! Its ridiculous that people can't get the guys name right. Its bad enough that the "official broadcaster" of the league screws it up. They would never do that with Burris or Ray.