Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its The Best Of Both Worlds

I'm not seeing this for sale when I'm up late watching TV...

I'm thinking this could sell in Saskatchewan.
If you are a Bears fan, I just ask you this. Do you miss Rex Grossman? I have no reason not to like Jay Cutler, but I can't stand him. Thus, his performance against the Niners last night made me smile. It helps when I have the Niners defence on my fantasy football team.
Reasons to go to the Pats game at home against Moose Jaw tonight
1)After Tuesday's game against Edmonton, the team is gone for quite a while over the next six weeks
2)Its Moose Jaw. Games between the Warriors and Pats always have the potential to be crazy
3)Perhaps the most important one of all----its on Access tonight meaning I'll have the call with Kelly Remple. If that isn't reason enough to head out to the rink, I don't know what is. I hope Kelly survived the KISS concert. He worries me sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch. Were you watching last night when they mentioned the Bears starting QB's since MacMahon left. Henry's name was on that list. How many games did he start for them and how did he do? I remember him being in Green Bay, but not Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the panties have the "putting mat"? I'm just sayin'