Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In 27th Heaven

It took almost a decade, but the New York Yankees are back atop the baseball world. Thanks to Hideki Matsui's(pictured) record tying 6 RBI's, the Bronx Bombers win the World Series for the 27th time beating the Phillies 7-3. There was no doubt in my mind that New York was going to win it all. They have the deepest team from top to bottom. You can't compete with them because the only way they are going to get beat is if they beat themselves. While the Yankees are a symbol of baseball, they are also a symbol of everything that is wrong in baseball. It is so evident this sport needs a salary cap and the New Yorkers are proof of that. How much money celebrated on the field last night? After a year of not making the playoffs, the Yankees knew they had to make a splash especially with their new stadium being christened. As a result, the top three free agents in the class of 2008 were all wearing pinstripes--Sabathia, Burnett and Teixiera. In the playoffs, you need to have solid pitching to win and with Sabathia and Burnett, no one was surprised to see the Yankees where they are. Until the playing field changes, (and I can't see it happening anytime soon) the Yankees will be celebrating title number 28 soon. Hey, you can consider it sour grapes which it is and it isn't. I like salary caps because it levels out the playing field and gives all teams a chance at making a run at a title if they make prudent front office decisions. The Yankees haven't made any prudent decisions over the last decade, they have just gone out and gotten the best players because they have more money than anyone else. They play by the rules the way they are right now and they take advantage of it.
I found the comments of Pats GM Brent Parker in Wednesday's Leader-Post to be very interesting. Parker was bemoaning the fact that people aren't coming to the Brandt Centre to watch the team and its star Jordan Eberle play. Parker can't understand why people wouldn't want to come to see perhaps the most dynamic player to ever wear a Pats uniform since Dale Derkatch and I have to agree with him. Say what you want about Parker or the lack of success the team has had under his watch, but you can't deny that Jordan Eberle is the WHL's marquee player right now and there should be much bigger crowds watching him do what he does naturally. Your chances of seeing him diminish with each home game. There is zero percent chance of him being back in Regina next year and the only chance you will have of seeing him on TV is when the Oilers are on. Hey, I realize right now that the Riders are on everyone's mind and they should be. However, those staying away from the rink are missing out on seeing this kid perform and he is magical when the puck is on his stick. I would advise you to get out there and watch Eberle do his thing before its too late. The fact he is a local kid only magnifies that statement. If you can sell out a building to watch a glorified American Hockey League game, (the Ottawa-Tampa exhibition game) you should be able to have many more fans in the building than what the Pats are getting now. If this is a case of the fans sending Parker a message, you are on the losing end of that battle right now.
Speaking of Eberle, he was the first star last night as the Pats outscored Medicine Hat 7-4 to kick off a very important five game home-stand. Saskatoon is here Friday.
Congratulations to The Score as they get some credibility back. The Score has given the punt to the idiot known as Morency. The guy who turned the world of sports talk radio back eons because of his elementary-school style and his foul-mouthed approach is gone. Why the Score even attempted to put this guy on was a mistake. I kept thinking the Make-A-Wish foundation should tell this guy its a once only type thing but he kept coming back. The guy is a complete, utter moron, he comes off like a giant d-bag, and no one with any taste will miss his schtick. The guy even took a run at yours truly a few months back because I criticized his amateur hour attempt at a show. His loyal viewers sure got to me too as I received two less than complimentary e-mails. Yes two! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!! No one was watching! More people were checking out Landsberg than him or mens tennis so what does that say. Good riddance!!! Maybe I'll see you at Quizno's sometime and I'll tell you if I want extra onions or cheese on that sub. I could go on, but I've given this guy one too many sentences as it is.
I haven't watched a second of it and I think its stupid, but many Canadians have turned "Battle of the Blades" into a hit. So much so that the CBC is apparently ready to have a "Battle of the Blades 2". I really should check this show out seeing its much more of a success than I thought it would(and its a chance to see the oh-so-gorgeous Shae Lynn Bourne) but why would I want to watch this show when Sunday Night Football is on. There is no comparison.
The Vancouver Olympics are now less than 100 days away!!! Do you believe??


Anonymous said...

Sorry Mitch, I won't be attending any Pats games until Parker is gone...he's the main reason many are staying away. Much like the Al Ford era of the 90's.

Anonymous said...

The Yankees are the reason I don't watch baseball. 90 percent of the good players on a small market team end up going to the Bronx because they have no limit on spending. It was 10 years since they won, but you knew it would hppen sooner or later.

I was at the Pats game last nite. I took my son and the reason we went was to watch Jordan. He is the price of admission. Those that have a beef against Parker are just hurting themselves by not seeing the talent this guy is.

Morency might be gone, but his stupid sidekick is still there.

The wife and I watch "Battle of the Blades" whenever its on. Give it a try!


ed said...


Good stay away the Pats don't want and Don't need people like you coming to the games.

And when does step down still stay away!!

Mitchell what did you think of the game?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,
Do you honestly think I'm in the minority? Ask around and you'll see the reason people aren't going is because of Parker and the subpar team he's put on the ice the last year and a quarter. No thanks...I'll spend my money elsewhere. Once his daddy sells the team and he's out as GM, I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, I'm confused. Are you talking about Morency or Remenduh? That show is so much better when he isn't on it! Jamie Nye and yourself seemingly understand what Saskie sports fan want. I wish Nye brought some of the passion and emotion to the table that you did, but whatever. It would be nice if CKRM would wake up and realize Pedersen needs help because you two would kick some serious ass. I guess they just want to run him into the ground though cuz that's what they've done for the past number of years.


ed said...

Good don't come don't come back ether the Pats don't need you or people like you. What they need in the stands are true fans people like myself and others. Besides I get to watch Ebs play you get to watch highlights.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Unless a person is a Yankee fan, or a Philly hater, the likely response to the Yankee win is WHATEVER!! Big money finally did what it was supposed to do.

Of all the Rider nominees, probably Bagg represents the west. Would be nice if someone else did too. If the Riders win on Saturday, Durant should be the West Nominee for MOP; If Calgary wins, Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

I'll be able to watch Eberle play in Moose Jaw plenty of times this year Ed and at the World Parker doesn't get my cash! Win, Win...gee, the true fans like you who are there now sitting on your hands in a half empty thanks bud! Enjoy another sub .500 season and more BP quotes in the paper wondering why people aren't in his barn supporting a losing team yet again. 3 times past the first round in 15 years says it all. Enough is enough...people are fed up, if that rubs you the wrong way and you are happy with mediocrity, all the more power to you.

Anonymous said...

I am a true fan of the Pats but parker has taken a great franchise and ruined it. As said earlier its a good thing Daddy owns the team. I will go watch the Pats in Moose Jaw where there is an organization that wants to br successful and not be someones personal little plaything.

ed said...

So you get to see him play what a grand total of four games in Moose Jaw and twice here in WJC. Unless you are going to Saskatoon which of course you right.

And further matter I am not one of those fans that sit on my hands I go to cheer and get upset at people that don't.

But you have no right to say anything about the Pats play you don't go.

And to the other guy you said that you are a true Pats fan but Parker has taken a great franchise and ruined it. The Pats have not won anything since 1976 I know Parker didn't get here in 1977

Kim K said... more Morencey!....and yes Mitch...I do you?