Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here We Go

We've been waiting for two weeks, but the day has arrived. Today is the day we find out who is going to the Grey Cup and I'm guessing most everyone in this province will be either A)at Mosaic B) at a local watering hole C)watching TSN or D) listening to Rod and Carm. Will it be as quiet around Saskatchewan as it would be during a Grey Cup game involving the Riders.? I suspect it will be.

Where did the snow come from? There wasn't any snow forecast for last night. Its still supposed to get up to plus 4 today and I don't think there is to be much of a wind so it should be a great afternoon/night for football. I think we are in for a very stressful three hours.

John Hufnagel said yesterday he thinks B.C Place is a louder place to play in than what Mosaic is. Really?! That statement may come back to haunt you Huff.

The Riders feel Henry Burris disrespected them when he said after getting clobbered in Montreal that he will see them on the 29th. Mo Lloyd said the same thing and look what happened last week. Henry is right. He will see Montreal on the 29th. I'm sure he is sticking around for the festivities and I'm guessing he's going to the game. Thus he will see Montreal on the 29th. So I ask what's the fuss?

Wouldn't it be something if number 7 came out of the tunnel today?

Jason Clermont will make a significant contribution today! Keith Shologan will make a big play on defence.

If Darian Durant should have a bad game today, I hope that fan that got into a fight with Michael Bishop last year after the Western semi doesn't return today. What's that? Oh yeah, that fan didn't exist.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see the Lions beat the Alouettes and I think they will give Montreal a tougher game than what Hamilton would have given them. That being said, I am still taking the Als.

If B.C. should win, how dumb will it sound saying the Eastern reps are from B.C.

Calgary has a team going for a national football title. The Dinos are going to the Vanier. That is all they need.

Watched Global Calgary sports last night. They led with the Flames win over L-A! They then had a graphic of Joffrey Reynolds that said CFL's Most Outstanding Player 2009. I guess they have already handed out the awards. Did John Chick win? I'll go back to watching Warren Woods and Derek Meyers now.

Forrest Griffin did NOT beat Tito Ortiz last nite. Not in my mind. He certainly didn't take all three rounds as one judge suggested.

I thought I had a sizable Pro-Line win last night, but again I was one game short. I thought Oregon would cruise over Arizona. Such is not the case. DAMN!

I can't forget about the Pats. They are 2-0 on their West Coast trip. After beating the Ice in a shootout on Friday, they hammered Tri-Cities 7-1 last night. The Americans lead the US Division and had only lost 5 games going in. Nice job guys! Keep it up. Maybe its the fact Pedersen isn't with them that has sparked their play.

Possible NFL upset today----Redskins over Cowboys. Games over the last 5 years have been traditionally close between these two division rivals with 7 of the last 10 finishing in a 5 point or less verdict.

Did anyone catch the end of the LSU-Ole Miss game on CBS last night. If so, you saw LSU's Les Miles pull off a Belichick. Why in a two point game he would elect to have his quarterback try and stop the clock by spiking the ball with one second left so that he could get his FG out team out there with the ball inside the Ole Miss 10 is a little strange. Either run a play for a TD or get your FG out team there quick, quick, quick. That play probably cost LSU a major bowl berth.

Speaking of Belichick, it amazes me how so many people have changed their tune and now said he was making the right call the other night only to have it go awry. I understand not wanting Peyton Manning to get his hands on the football again, but giving him the ball at the Patriots 30 with two minutes left was just stupid. Punt the football and make the Colts move 70 yards. Last time I checked, its tougher to move the ball 70 yards than 30. The Colts might have won in the end, but it would have been a lot more challenging.

Roy Halladay has said he's not interested in re-signing with the Blue Jays. If that is the case, get a good deal Mr. Anthopoulos.

The ESPN 30 for 30 series is outstanding. The Gretzky documentary was great the other night and so was the one on TSN last nite about the demise of the USFL. Outstanding TV!

When does the first batch of fans show up at Mosaic? Who's kidding who, they probably are already there having spent the night.

Have a great Sunday, have a memorable Sunday. If you are going to the game, soak up every second of it if they win. The only thing bigger would be to see this team win a Grey Cup at Mosaic. My prediction.....Saskatchewan 29 Calgary 24.


canuck1 said...

Excellent fence-sitting in your Lions/Als prediction.


Anonymous said...

Don't even tease about the Redskins-Cowboys game and a Washington upset. The only team more horrid than them are Cleveland. Bring in Shanahan!!!

Mitchell Blair said...

What was your prediction again Chad? I didn't catch it!

Anonymous said...

Ortiz had one or two moments, but overall Griffin was more consistent and did win that fight. They will do battle again though! You didn't mention Koscheck calling out Hardy. That was great stuff!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Clermont, but I disagree on your Mtl/BC prediction. I think the Lions get spanked by Calvillo and company. It will be over by 1/2 time


Anonymous said...

Hey Chad. I believe Mitch said take the Als. Where do you get this fence-sitting. Don't be a hater!


Hi Ho Hi Ho. Its off to Mosaic I go.


Anonymous said...

PS: Griffin did beat Ortiz as far as I'm concerned


Mike from Vita, MB said...


I bet you're glad you weren't at the Metrodome today? At least one of your teams won!!

Tyler said...

Mitch, the first two rounds were close, but Griffin OWNED Ortiz in the third round. Ortiz barely threw any punches. You could make a case for that as a 10-8 round, though judges hardly ever award those.

If you look at who won the fight overall (which is how they used to judge in Pride), Griffin clearly did. If Ortiz had gotten the nod, it would have been another mark against the current scoring system.

However, I think what's really bugging you is the fact that you lost money on this fight. Suck it up, princess!