Friday, November 13, 2009

CFL Playoff Pix


This was a great year for the Tiger-Cats. They finally got off the mat and became a respectable football team again. They deserve to be hosting a playoff game. It was a bad year for Wally Buono's bunch. They are getting in through the back-door no doubt about it. Hamilton beat B.C in both games this year, but both were early.
If Casey Printers was not starting this game at quarterback for B.C., I would take the Ti-Cats, but I am going with B.C because they have guys that have been here before in Simon, Jackson, Miles, Glatt, etc, etc. I think experience wins out in this one so I will take the Lions in an upset.


Will the real Edmonton Eskimos please stand up. This team looked good at one point this season, then looked real bad, but bounced back with perhaps their best effort of the year in B.C to finish 3rd as they hammered the Lions. Edmonton would love nothing more than to bounce the Grey Cup hosts out of the playoffs on their own field. The Stamps have had their ups and downs this year too and consistency is not a word you can use to describe them. I think the first quarter of this game is huge. If Edmonton is in it after 15 minutes of play, we will have ourselves a football game. If Burris and company can set the tone early, it could be a long afternoon for Edmonton. I said this after the Stamps loss in Regina to end the season. I don't think we are going to see them again. Somehow, the Eskimos pull this one out of the bag. It may come down to a last play Noel Prefontaine field goal, but I think the Eskimos win.

I know a lot of you on my poll think Hamilton and Edmonton will win this weekend and not many of you are taking the Lions-Eskimos combo, but I am going to. We will see!

3-1 last week to finish the year at 45-27.

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Anonymous said...

I like your logic on the East game, but remember this. Its an early start. It will be like playing at 930 in the morning for BC. They won't be used to that just like the Riders weren't. Hamilton wins that game in a cakewalk. As for the Western game, I can see Edmonton winning it. I think thats who the Riders want seeing they won the season series over them. We will see!