Monday, November 9, 2009

Can't They Find A Better Spot?

The Hockey Hall of Fame had its 2009 induction ceremony last night. Greats like Steve Yzerman, Brett Hull, Brian Leetch and Luc Robitaille are now deservedly amongst the game's all-time greats. I love the Hockey Hall of Fame. I have been there twice and I still didn't spend the time in there that I could have. It is an amazing shrine to the game we love. However, I have to ask why the induction ceremonies are held at the Hall--sort of.

If you have been to the Hockey Hall of Fame, you know it is located in Brookfield Place at the corner of Yonge and Front Streets in downtown Toronto. Its just a couple of slapshots from the Air Canada Centre. Brookfield Place is also a shopping center. You have to walk down a long hallway before hitting an escalator that takes you down to the Hall. It is that hallway where the induction ceremonies were held. Black curtains were put up so you could not see the shops that are there. I guess in a way maybe that's OK because if someone forgets a tie or needs something, they can just duck behind the curtain and find it, but why wouldn't the HHOF find a better spot to have the ceremonies. Its not as if Toronto is lacking when it comes to facilities that could host the event.

Yeah, if you don't know about where its being held and you see it on TV, you don't think anything about it, but when you do know where it is, it makes one think the HHOF is pulling off the "El Cheapo" package. Hockey's best deserve a better place for their ceremony. Imagine the Plaza of Honor dinner being at Centre Court of the Cornwall or in the Southland starting from Centre Court and going down to the food court or to the Safeway. There's something about it that doesn't seem right.
I have to think that besides being inducted into the Hall Monday, Yzerman is phoning his Team Canada contacts to see what they think about the Cam Ward injury. The Carolina goalie was seen by some as a possible 3rd goalie to Luongo and Brodeur at the Olympics. He's out for a month though after getting a severe leg gash during a game on the weekend. Yes, Ward is playing on a team that has lost a lot of games this year, but he has proven that he can get the job done having led Carolina to the Stanley Cup (GRRRR!!), backstopping Canada to silver at the 2008 Worlds along with being one of the best goalies in the last decade of the WHL from his days in Red Deer. With guys like Fleury, Mason and yes even Price, it might not have happened, but one has to believe that leg gash has also gashed his chances of being in Vancouver.
The Steelers beat the Broncos in Monday Night Football. That's no surprise. What is surprising is that next week Monday Night Football hails from Cleveland. Why? Does America really need to see the Browns and all their futility! I may actually pass on that one as the Ravens will come to town.
Looks like Casey Printers isn't hurt as bad as was first thought. He's still a question mark for Sunday though. In fact, it looks like Travis Lulay will get the start in Hamilton Sunday. By the way, I ask you this? Would it be good for the CFL to have an all-Western final with the game being in Western Canada or would that be bad news seeing no one out East would watch. I think a BC-Edm, Sask, Calgary final would be fun, but I do admit that those in Eastern Canada wouldn't think so. By the way, if you haven't seen it, TSN told us Monday that out of their top 5 broadcasts, the Riders were involved in 4 of them. They really are Canada's team!
Thank you Versus!!! They have added the lovely Charissa Thompson to their NHL broadcasts. She was there last night doing her thing from Chicago. There is nothing wrong with a gorgeous woman that knows her hockey. While much of America drools over Erin Andrews, I will take Charissa thank you very much. Besides being easy on the eyes, she also knows her sports. There is no comparison!
If you get a chance, vote on the poll this week. I'm interested in knowing what you're thinking when it comes to the CFL playoff games.


Anonymous said...

That is where they hold the ceremony? I would never have known that. Then again, I have never been to the HHOF. It does seem odd they wouldn't have it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

No way would Ward make TC even if healthy. The way its going now, Fleury will be the 3rd goalie.

Anonymous said...

Is the HHOF meal from that pizzeria downstairs? For some reason, I thought they always did it at ACC. It does make you wonder why they wouldn't have it another place. The Royal York is just a couple of blocks down. I'm sure there would be a good sized room in there.