Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bishop Strikes Again

Bomber fans know how Rider fans felt last year. When the biggest game of the year came around, Michael Bishop soiled the linen. The Bombers needed a win in their last game of the season against Hamilton to finish 2nd in the East and welcome the Ti-Cats back next weekend. Instead, they bow out of the race losing 39-17 to Hamilton. The Tabbies getting two fourth quarter touchdowns on interception returns. Bishop was just 8 of 26 on the day.
Hamilton linebacker Otis Floyd rubbed salt in the wound after the game by getting on Mike Kelly's case saying it was foolish of the Bombers coach to get rid of Kevin Glenn at the start of the year amongst other things. He added that he doesn't think Kelly will be around much longer. That will be a big question in Winnipeg. Can they bring Kelly back? Will the fans allow them to keep Kelly? With the team still paying Doug Berry, can they afford to let Kelly go and bring in another guy. If Kelly does come back, does he stick with Bishop or is he sent packing the way Eric Tillman sent him packing last year. I wonder if Bishop got into it with a fan as he left the stadium?

The question I have now is what does this do to the Riders when it comes to the draft? Am I wrong or do they have Winnipeg's first round pick, which I think is 2nd overall, because of the Adarius Bowman trade.
I wouldn't want to be a Packers fan today. The Pack got beat by the Bucs who went retro and wore their creamsicle uniforms. So much for Tampa pulling a Detroit. Speaking of the Lions, they put a scare into me as they jumped out to a 17-0 lead against the Seahawks only to lose. Fellow Seahawk fan Ian Hamilton of the LP bet me Saturday night that Seattle would lose and that he didn't have a good feeling about this one. I told him he was crazy but I was spouting four letter words in his general direction from about 3-345. Ian owes me a loonie!! The kids college fund just keeps growing and growing!
The Pats win their 3rd straight beating the Raiders as Mr. Eberle gets another two goals. Prince George is here Tuesday as the five game homestand continues. Its a chance to see two up and coming stars as Cougar Brett Connolly--last year's rookie of the year and a projected top 5 pick in the draft---comes in to face Jordan Weal.
A question asked to me as I was enroute to the press box last night? Everyone argues about a players greatness over how many championship rings they have so does this mean a spot in Cooperstown is guaranteed for Eric Hinske because he was two? A-Rod has one ring and Ken Griffey Junior doesn't have one, yet Hinske has two. YIKES!
That's all I got. Hope you had a great weekend! Have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

I said to my brother yesterday that Bishop would implode for the Bombers and I was right. If Kelly brings him back next year, he truly is a moron. Then again, I don't think Kelly is back. Would he be a fit in Toronto because of his abrasive attitude? A quote machine like him would be great there.


Anonymous said...

Eberle was by far and away the best player on the ice last night. He just owned the game whenever he stepped on the ice.

Did you see Clermont step into Calgary's huddle Saturday night. It was after the first failed short kick. He walked right into their meeting and then waved Armstead down the field. My wife and I just about died laughing. What a great game Saturday. I hope for the same feeling in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Don't the Riders have Edmonton's first pick because of the McGrath trade?

ed said...

Connolly played in P.G. last year as well.

Anonymous said...

We do have Edm's first round pick because of the McGrath trade, but I think there is an option for the Riders to take 2 2nds from Winnipeg over the next two years instead of their first this year. No matter, it means we just re-stock the Canadian cupboard that is full already.

Anonymous said...

The deal on the Bowman trade is this. They can swap first round picks with the Bombers this year or they get two future second round picks.