Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Ball Is Rolling

Who steps up to the plate next? Who I say?


Anonymous said...

Casino Regina

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rawlco Radio.

Ha! The hilarity!

Anonymous said...

The Saskatchewan Roughriders!!! They have enough money in their bank account right now to give a couple of million.

Anonymous said...

Rawlco would rather give money to charities instead of giving raises to the employees who deserve it. Trust me! Sadly I am one of those employees.

Anonymous said...

Where does Mosaic fit into this when it comes to the naming rights deal they currently have? If and when a new stadium is built, do they have first dibs on a new name. If so, they should be ponying up some $$$

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Would Casino Regina not fall under the banner of the provincial government? If it doesn't than I say yes along with Sasktel, Saskenergy, etc, etc, etc.
Good on the Hotels Association for finally putting this car into drive instead of it idling the way it has been.


Anonymous said...

The Hotel Associations donation was piss all other than a good PR move on their part. They needed something positive instead of whining about how they'd go under from smoking bans etc. Stating that I wouldn't give the check back, and it's not a lump sum payment. It's spread out over time so it wouldn't even be enough to cover operating costs. So it's really nickels compared to the hard currency it will take to make this happen.

I stated this months ago, but I'll repeat. Viterra is going to step up to the plate in a huge way. I'm talking over $100M up front money. Part of it is providing a community gift, the other part is Viterra has "to much" money on the asset side of the balance sheet. That opens them up for some type of high end Bay Street problems I don't know the details to, but have received word from a very reliable source.

Your next partner will be Mosaic Corp. They bought the naming rights, and again corporate citizenship is going to make them pony. You third major contributor is going to be the Hill Group of Companies. It makes no sense in a business model for them to do this, but they are looking for a legacy/vanity project from what I heard. After that you'll get the nickel and dime contributions coming from other places.


Anonymous said...


Don't you think that Casino Regina will be involved in the dome ? I am hearing that that's where the bulk of the money will come from. But the Viterra thing is very interesting.

Russ from Saskatoon